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How to complete The Narukami Trail quest in Genshin Impact

Here’s a comprehensive guide to activating and completing The Narukami Trail quest in Genshin Impact.
How to complete The Narukami Trail quest in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 2.1 update brought an array of new world quests for the Travelers within the horizons of Teyvat. The Narukami Trail quest was among one of them that appeared in the quest checklist after the most recent update. However, it wasn’t available in the game before; hence players were struggling to activate it. 

Fortunately, Travelers can now trigger this Genshin Impact quest to earn a handful of exceptional rewards and reputation in the Inazuma region. The Narukami Trail quest can be found in Seirai Island, and it’s pretty straightforward to complete it as this quest is mostly dialogue. However, since it’s a part of the Neko is A Cat series, players have to wrap up a few quests before activating the Narukami Trail challenge. 

Completing the Genshin Impact The Narukami Trail quest

The primary objective of The Narukami Trail quest is to ask for information from Inagi Hotomi at the Grand Narukami Shrine. According to the available data, this quest randomly appears after completing three or four quests of the Neko is a Cat series. Therefore players might get it on the third day or later. 

The Narukami Trail quest genshin impact
Activating The Narukami Trail quest in Genshin Impact. (Picture: KyoStinV YouTube)

To activate The Narukami Trail quest, go and speak with Neko, a Black Cat and NPC located on Seirai Island in Asase Shrine. Once the quest is triggered, navigate to the Grand Narukami Shrine through the nearest Teleport Waypoint.

Next, go to the Inagi Hotomi at the shrine’s entrance and interact with her to ask for information. You both will have the following conversation:

  • Inagi Hotomi: Hello, Traveler from afar. Welcome to the Grand Narukami Shrine!

  • Inagi Hotomi: If you encounter any trouble or just want to make a wish, feel free to come here for a fortune slip. May the Electro Archon bless you.

  • Paimon: We are not here to ask for a fortune slip, but there is something we want to ask you...

  • Inagi Hotomi: Ask me? Oh... go ahead, then.

  • You: Well, here's the situation…

Inagi Hotomi Genshin Impact
Speaking with Inagi Hotomi for the information. (Picture: KyoStinV YouTube)

After a short cutscene, simply leave the Grand Narukami Shrine with Neko and head back to Seirai Island. That’s it. 

The Narukami Trail quest will be marked as completed, and you will receive 100x Adventure EXP, 20,000 Mora coins and 5x Hero’s Wit. Unfortunately, the quest doesn’t reward you with Primogems, but it’s still worth giving a shot to raise your reputation without putting in much effort.

Genshin IMpact The Narukami Trail
Completing the Genshin Impact The Narukami Trail quest. (Picture: KyoStinV YouTube)

So there you have it, what you need to know about completing the Genshin Impact The Narukami Trail quest.



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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.