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Genshin Impact – How To Reach The Highest Point In Dragonspine

Attempting to summit Dragonspine can be a dangerous feat, but here’s how to reach the mountain top in this chilling Genshin Impact guide.
Genshin Impact – How To Reach The Highest Point In Dragonspine

Exploring the vast world of Teyvat provides Travelers with opportunities to learn more about the lore of Genshin Impact and uncover its mysteries through quests and puzzles. The Dragonspine area is perhaps the most expansive and deeply rich in mythology; however, it can be a dangerous journey for the unprepared.

Reaching the mountain’s summit in Genshin Impact opens up new locations on Dragonspine and grants Travelers a unique perspective on the world. Here’s how to get to the top of Dragonspine in Genshin Impact, including a few tips on overcoming the sheer cold in this chilling area.

How To Reach Dragonspine’s Summit In Genshin Impact?

Before Travelers can reach the highest peak or the summit of Dragonspine, they’ll first need to unlock a domain, Peak of Vindagnyr, which will help them reach the top of the mountain. This can only be achieved when completing the World Quest, In the Mountains, which can be started after speaking with Iris at the base camp in Genshin Impact.

genshin impact guides dragonspine summit adventurers camp iris npc in the mountains world quest
Iris can be located at the Dragonspine Adventurers Camp to begin the In the Mountains World Quest. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Before heading off to complete the quest, Travelers must set up their party line-up with Anemo and Pyro characters, with one being a bow wielder. Pyro characters will keep other party members warm when summiting Dragonspine, and Anemo characters will assist in activating switches when ascending the top of the mountain.

With the team composition finalized, Travelers must complete the quest’s objectives, including investigating the strange ice and thawing out ice shards. Once they’ve reached the Statue of the Seven on the mountain, they must travel toward Skyfrost Nail and defeat several enemies en route to this location before destroying the shards.

genshin impact guide dragonspine interactive map skyfrost nail
Include Pyro and Anemo characters in the party line-up to make the journey to Dragonspine's summit easier to bear. (Picture: YouTube / Game Guides Channel)

Destroying each of the shards will reveal an Orb; this will float to the sky and requires a bow wielder to activate. Additionally, their chosen Anemo character will be needed when destroying the third shard, as an Anemo totem can be found near a Lawachurl’s chest.

After destroying all the shards and activating the Orbs, Travelers can begin to investigate an area nearby marked by a glowing red Luxurious Chest. Once they’ve opened the chest, it will grant them access to the Peak of Vindagnyr domain, but they’ll still need to reach the mountain’s peak.

genshin impact guide dragonspine peak of vindagnyr domain of blessing unlock
Travelers need to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr domain to reach the mountain's summit. (Picture: HoYoverse)

From the Starglow Cavern Teleport Waypoint, unlocked while completing the World Quest mentioned earlier, Travelers can follow the spiral pathway marked by unlit torches until they spot a Warming Seelie.

They can then jump onto the boulders and climb up the mountainside towards Skyfrost Nail. But heed caution -- Travelers should watch their stamina meter, as they’ll need to take frequent breaks.

Also, remember that a Pyro character will come in handy during the final section, as Travelers will risk taking damage if the cold meter continues to fill up. In addition, the Warming Seelie, a Warming Bottle, lighting bonfires, torches, and certain dishes like Goulash can reverse the effects to dispel the cold.

Travelers can continue traversing their way through the ancient ruins at Skyward Nail by following the unlit torches until they’ve found an Anemo totem marking the summit of Dragonspine.

This can also be completed during The Great Mountain Survey II World Quest, where they can unlock the Towering Achievement for their efforts.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.