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Will There Be A Genshin Impact Halloween Event?

Genshin Impact often replicates real-world festivals and events, so Travelers are asking if HoYoverse will include a Halloween event in-game.
Will There Be A Genshin Impact Halloween Event?
(Picture: Twitter / Genshin Impact)

Many of Genshin Impact’s in-game events are centered around real-world festivals, days of observances, and other noteworthy holidays celebrated in Teyvat. The Lantern Rite Festival (Chinese New Year event) and the Weinlesefest are a few examples supporting this, so it isn't a surprise that Travelers have been asking for an in-game Halloween event.

It is common for many popular video game titles like Overwatch 2, Fall Guys, and Call of Duty to host Halloween-themed events. Of course, attracting players to participate in limited-time events or obtain themed cosmetics would make sense for developer HoYoverse to take advantage of, but why hasn't a Halloween event appeared in Genshin Impact?

Is There A Genshin Impact Halloween Event?

genshin impact halloween in-game event wallpaper diluc
China's strict gaming regulations restrict Genshin Impact from having a Halloween event. (Picture: Twitter / paimon_genshin7)

Spooktober is in full swing, as players can expect terrifying tales and plenty of scary encounters to experience in gaming. But this sentiment can't be said for HoYoverse's popular gacha RPG, Genshin Impact, as Travelers are basking in the warm sun and glittering night sky in Sumeru without the scares.

So, why hasn't there been a Halloween event in Genshin Impact, and can Travelers expect one to occur in-game? The short answer is that Travelers shouldn't get their hopes up as it's unlikely Genshin Impact will have a Halloween event.

Since the game’s launch in September 2020, HoYoverse has steered clear of bringing spooky terrors and scares to Genshin Impact. This isn’t attributed to the developer not wanting to fulfill the wishes of their community but rather the recent gaming regulations currently in place in China, according to an analyst firm, Niko Partners.

Some of these regulations prohibit, albeit to a certain extent, developers from depicting various violent or gory imagery like blood, bones, human remains and corpses, dismemberment, and bodily organs in their games. This regulation has a lasting effect on different gaming genres that utilize action-orientated combat effects like shooters and fighting games, forcing developers to redesign game combat mechanics or remove them entirely.

For HoYoverse, this means not featuring Halloween themes and imagery in Genshin Impact to comply with Chinese gaming regulations and continue being monetized by the Chinese regulatory boards. On the other hand, having a Genshin Impact Halloween-themed event without its popular iconography wouldn’t attract its player base, hence why there hasn’t been an event in Genshin Impact, and Travelers shouldn’t expect it to happen anytime soon, either.

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