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miHoYo confused Genshin Impact community over Diluc’s “expressionless face” fix

Genshin Impact developer, miHoYo, surprised Diluc mains after an issue with the 5-star character's face was reported to be "expressionless". The developer responded with an update to resolve the issue.
miHoYo confused Genshin Impact community over Diluc’s “expressionless face” fix

Genshin Impact has done a considerable job of resolving bugs and glitches that have reportedly hampered many Travelers' experience in-game. While some fixes were warranted and others not, an in-game notice from the developers went viral, albeit for not the right reasons.

This in-game notice reported that a "known issue" for the 5-star character, Diluc, will be receiving a minor update to resolve his "expressionless" face while performing his Elemental Burst. However, the planned update has not gone over with the Genshin Impact community online.

Diluc's "expressionless" face to be resolved

The Genshin Impact community were left perplexed when a Redditor, Amirizuki, posted in the Genshin Impact subreddit that Diluc is receiving a minor update in the next planned update.

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A Genshin Impact player posted an in-game notice summary reporting of a planned update to resolve Diluc's "expressionless" face. (Picture: miHoYo & Twitter / CEOofDiluc)

The update will be resolving an issue for the 5-star character, in which he displays an "expressionless" face when performing his Elemental Burst, "Dawn". The Redditor and the community's question is whether Diluc's "expressionless" face was an issue.

This isn't the first time Diluc's facial expressions were the centre of debate within the community. The character had previously winked when performing his Elemental Burst, for which the developers had changed it to an "expressionless" face. Now it appears the developers will revert the change.

"I demand his expression to be the exact same as Klee's during their burst," Redditor Troysama responded sarcastically. Another believed that a better look may be planned for the character in the upcoming update, "Perhaps this change is intended to make him look deader."

"He is supposed to be Batman, not Joke," CondimentCommander exclaimed in frustration, while another barely noticed any of Diluc's facial expressions despite playing with the character. "I'm a Diluc main and literally didn't notice anything whatsoever- he always just looks dead inside."

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The stoic and charismatic Diluc has been a fan-favourite since his release. (Picture: miHoYo)

Despite the confusion of the planned fix for the character, Diluc mains never had any complaints or problems with his emotionless expressions. They believed it contributed to the rebellious nature of his character, and now the change back is something they're not on board with.

We have also discovered that a future planned update will also be adding fixes to resolve abnormal "special effects" for Shenhe, Thoma, Ganyu, and Razor when casting their Elemental Bursts. This update will be arriving on 13th January 2022 to Genshin Impact.

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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.