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Genshin Impact
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miHoYo confirms Genshin Impact is coming to PlayStation 5 with stunning trailer

Although there's no official release date yet.

Genshin Impact is getting a full PlayStation 5 release, a fact that has long been rumoured but now confirmed with a new trailer released on the 31st March which shows the world of Teyvat better than ever before.

The game, currently available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android and playable on PS5 through backwards compatibility, was always expected to get the next-gen treatment, after being featured as part of the PlayStation 5 Showcase event in September of last year.

Further confirmation came last week when the game appeared on a list of titles awaiting certification in Taiwan.

Genshin Impact PlayStation 5
(Picture: miHoYo)

What new features players can expect is not entirely known, the current backwards compatible version grants players quicker loading times and better graphics. Even more graphical enhancements, as well as full support for the DualSense controller, is expected in the full PlayStation 5 release.

There is no official release date, as of yet, and we will keep you posted when we know. A Nintendo Switch version is also expected.


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