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Shakkei Pavilion Domain, how to unlock in Genshin Impact

Players can unlock the new domain, Shakkei Pavilion, by participating in the Tatara Tales quest.
Shakkei Pavilion Domain, how to unlock in Genshin Impact

miHoYo introduced a new one-time domain in Genshin Impact called Shakkei Pavilion, which some players have found to be particularly tricky to discover. Every domain offers some perks to the players, and the Shakkei Pavillion is no exception. The significant advantage of getting this domain is the ability to teleport to it whenever players want. 

However, it’s worth noting that players cannot simply breeze to its location and acquire it. For this, players have to participate in a specific quest and complete particular objectives in order to unlock it. Since this quest is loaded with plenty of complicated tasks, many players might face challenges while unlocking it, and hence, we have penned down this guide to help our readers reaching the Shakkei Pavilion domain in a short space of time.

Unlocking the Shakkei Pavilion Domain in Genshin Impact

The first step towards unlocking the Shakkei Pavilion in Genshin Impact is participating in the Tara Tales quest. Travel to the Kujou Encampment area, located in the west of the Violent Court Domain, and there you’ll find two characters conversing about evacuations. 

There, Xavier will ask you to activate the Kamuijima Cannons in order to destroy three rifts and mark the locations for the same. The rifts themselves are pretty enormous and look like crystalline portals, so it’s easy to hit them.

Shakkei Pavilion how to unlock
All three Kamuijima Cannons locations. (Picture: miHoYo)

Take control over a nearby Electrogranum to activate the cannons and shoot towards the rifts. Luckily, the game grants you unlimited shots once the cannon is activated; hence feel free to hit as many shots as you want. When you successfully destroy the first rift, repeat the above process for the rest. 

Rfits Shakkei Pavilion Domain
Destroying rifts in Genshin Impact. (Picture: miHoYo)

After destroying all the three rifts, head over to the wave rider and enter the domain as soon as you reach there, and that’s it. 

However, players will have a hard time while figuring out the exact location of the Shakkei Pavilion domain if they haven’t watched any walkthrough or tutorial video. Here’s a video that will be pretty helpful for such players.

Like every other domain, the Shakkei Pavilion does offer some basic rewards. Players will get free 40 Primogems plus some ascension materials after unlocking it. 


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