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Summer Night Mementos guide: Take photos of the Fireworks Show and get incredible rewards

A new web event to celebrate Yoimiya's debut is now available, where you can earn Primogems and more by taking pictures around her Fireworks Show.
Summer Night Mementos guide: Take photos of the Fireworks Show and get incredible rewards

As the update 2.0 for Genshin Impact continues its course with its Phase II, players will be able to witness the debut of Yoimiya, a new Pyro character known for being the most skilled pyrotechnician in Inazuma, thanks to her ever-changing and spectacular fireworks.

So, to give her a proper welcome into the game, miHoYo has prepared a new web event where players will have to look at this skies of Inazuma, to take some incredible pictures of the Fireworks Show created by Yoimiya, and enjoy with her the Summer Night Mementos.

Summer Night Mementos: Schedule and details

You will be able to access the Summer Night Mementos event through its own dedicated website by logging in using your UID or miHoYo account, and selecting your preferred server and a character with at least Adventure Rank 10 or above, in order to be able to receive and claim the event rewards.

Genshin Impact Summer Night Mementos guide 1
(Picture: miHoYo)

During the event, you will have to take photos of Yoimiya’s Fireworks Show and share them through your social media to obtain in-game rewards upon completion. The locations you will visit to take the photos are as follows:

  • Street Food Stall
  • Prayer Rack
  • Torii Gate

You will have the chance to take a photo at each location, obtaining three photos in total which you can look at later in your album. After taking a photo at your current location, you must share it on either Facebook or Twitter to unlock the next location.

Genshin Impact Summer Night Mementos guide 2
(Picture: miHoYo)

However, if at some point you have insufficient film, you will have to complete certain quests that will pop up on your screen to get up to two more sheets of film.

Genshin Impact Summer Night Mementos guide 3
(Picture: miHoYo)

After taking photos at the three locations and you share all of them, you will be sent to a special interaction with Yoimiya, where she and the Traveler will be looking at the fireworks together at the top of a hill.

Genshin Impact Summer Night Mementos guide 4
(Picture: miHoYo)

By completing this web event you will get 40 Primogems, 3 Agnidus Agate Fragments, and 20,000 Mora. These will be available in your account a few minutes later.

Summer Night Mementos web event will be available on 5-11th August 2021.

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