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The best elemental reactions to take down shields - Genshin Impact

Here’s how to crack elemental shields in Genshin - fast. Your guide to the best elemental reactions to take down shields of every kind.
The best elemental reactions to take down shields - Genshin Impact

Elemental reactions are a key part of Genshin Impact’s gameplay, and nowhere is that more important than combat. Your combination of party members and their associated elements matched against the various elementally attuned enemies in Genshin Impact can often decide whether a fight is a walk in the park… or an unbeatable nightmare.

This guide should help you out when it comes to working out which elemental reactions to favour when trying to bring down shields fast - perfect for those tricky Spiral Abyss floors and Domain challenges.

Genshin Impact elemental reactions shields
(Picture: moHiYo)

Elemental Shield weaknesses

Geoelemental geo shield

  • Claymores, Geo, Overloaded (Pyro+Electro)
  • Examples: Hilichirls with stone shields (Liyue), Geo Slimes, Stonehide Lawachurls


genshin impact shield weaknesses electro

  • Cryo (Superconduct)
  • Examples: Fatui Electro-hammer Vanguard, Electro Cicin Mage


genshin impact dendo

  • Pyro (Burning)
  • Examples: Hilichurls with wooden shields (Mondstadt), Dendro Slimes


genshin impact pyro

  • Hydro (Vaporise)
  • Examples: Abyss Mage (Pyro), Fatui Pyro-slinger Bracer


how to destroy elemental shields in genshin

  • Pyro (Melt)
  • Examples: Abyss Mage (Cryo), Cryo Slimes, Fatui Cryo-gunner Legionnaire

genshin impact shield strengths and weaknesses
(Picture: miHoYo)

Hydro shields: the odd one out

A quick note here that Hydro shields are… odd. Different Hydro shields react to different elements, so keep your wits about you!

“Standard” Hydro 


  • Cryo (Frozen)
  • Example: Abyss Mage (Hydro)

Fatui Hydro

  • Electro (Electro-Charged)
    Example: Fatui Hydro-gunner Legionnaire

As a final note, there are no true anemo shields in Genshin Impact right now, so no need to worry about them! The one pseudo example, Fatui Anemoboxers, need to be flanked not attacked straight on.