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What Is Venti's Favorite Food & What Is He Allergic To In Genshin Impact?

Learn about Venti's favorite and least favorite foods in Genshin Impact; and what he is allergic to in the game.
What Is Venti's Favorite Food & What Is He Allergic To In Genshin Impact?

Hoyoverse often comes up with Paimon Quizzes and other puzzles that test your understanding of the many playable characters in Genshin Impact. For example, many quizzes ask questions like "what is Venti's favorite food?" and "what is Venti allergic to?" 

Since the game fails to tell you answers to these questions, assuming you are not someone who goes through all the dialogue options and voice-overs of characters, you will likely find these questions in Genshin Impact quite challenging.

What Is Venti's Favorite Food In Genshin Impact?

genshin impact venti favorite food apple
Venti’s favorite food is Apple, and “by no coincidence,” his favorite drink is Apple Cider. (Picture: Hoyoverse / Hritwik)

In Genshin Impact, Venti's favorite food is Apple. It shouldn't sound surprising if you take Venti's free-hearted nature into account. Despite being the Anemo Archon, one of the oldest members of The Seven, and a literal god that resides over Mondstadt—Veniti prefers simple food like apples over Mondstadt's other iconic dishes like Mondstadt Hash Brown or Sticky Honey. 

If you go through Venti's Profile --> Voice-Over options, you will find one voice-over that says Favorite Food; click on it, and Venti will respond, "Here, have an apple. I just picked it. Look how ripe and juicy it is...*munching*...Truly the fruit of the gods."

what is ventis least favorite food in genshin impact
Venti's story and voice-overs unlock as you ascend him and level him up. (Picture: Hoyoverse / Hritwik)

Similarly, if you click on the Least Favorite Food voice-over, Venti will respond with, "Hmm, what's that tasty morsel you've got there...? Eww! A melted cheese pancake? A smelly, sticky, slimy, disgusting mess!"

There you have it! Venti's favorite food is Apple, and Venti's least favorite food is Cheese

What Is Venti Allergic To In Genshin Impact?

what is venti allergic to in genshin impact cats
Venti’s allergy to cats is the reason why he never enters the Cat’s Tail tavern in Mondstadt. (Picture: Hoyoverse / Hritwik)

Venti is allergic to Cats. You learn this while doing certain quests in Genshin Impact. Also, when you go through Venti's profile, you will find a voice-over called Venti's Troubles; play it, and you will get this response:

"I'm actually highly allergic to cats. I start sneezing as soon as they enter the vicinity, and...Aah... Aa-choo! Ugh, apparently I can't even THINK about cats without sneezing. Do you think there is a cure for this monstrous affliction?"

So there you have it. Now you know what is Venti's favorite and least favorite food in Genshin Impact and what he is allergic to in the game. Now you can quickly answer the Paimon Quizzes whenever they shoot you with the above questions. 

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.