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Ghost of Tsushima 2: PlayStation Showcase Release Date Speculation, News & Leaks

Here's everything you need to know about Ghost of Tsushima 2, from release date speculation to platforms, leaks, and more
Ghost of Tsushima 2: PlayStation Showcase Release Date Speculation, News & Leaks

Sony Interactive Entertainment had quite the success with the release of the first Ghost of Tsushima title in 2020, as its sales topped 8 million as of this year. This means a sequel is more than likely well underway for the Samurai-inspired action adventure.

So to that end, below we will be going over everything we know so far regarding the arrival of Ghost of Tsushima 2. Including its possible release date, the leaks we've gotten so far, and much more. 

Updated on 5 June 2023: This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Ghost of Tsushima 2' news and leaks.

Latest Ghost of Tsushima 2 News & Leaks

5 June 2023: Watch out for fake Ghost of Tsushima 2 trailers!

Like this one...

2 May 2023: Checked for Ghost of Tsushima 2 news.

We checked for any information regarding Ghost of Tsushima 2 but couldn't find anything new this time around. We will continue our search.

4 January 2023: Ghost of Tsushima 2 news?

We are still awaiting any Ghost of Tsushima 2 release date or gameplay news, but we will keep you updated.

8 December: Watch The Game Awards 2022 live!

There is almost no chance of Ghost of Tsushima 2 showing up at The Game Awards 2022, but nothing is impossible.

Tune in the watch The Game Awards 2022 via the YouTube stream embedded below. It kicks off on 8 December at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT and 9 December at 00:30 GMT.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 Release Date Speculation

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmed release date for Ghost of Tsushima 2, but in this article, you’ll find all (if any) information that the developer shared, as well as some speculation from Ginx on when we could see it launch.

So when will Ghost of Tsushima be released? Well, as of right now, we don't anticipate a Ghost Of Tsushima 2 release date anytime soon. Assuming the game is already in development, we believe we will have to wait until 2024 or 2025 at the earliest for it to be released, but this is just our opinion based on other titles in development within Sony Interactive Entertainment studios. 

Ghost of Tsushima 2 Release Date Platforms Leaks and More
With the success of the Director's Cut, it's highly likely that Ghost of Tsushima 2 is currently in development, but we will have to wait for some time before seeing it. (Picture: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The success of the first game and the Director’s Cut lead us to believe that while the game will be in the pipeline, developers over at Sucker Punch are likely to take their time releasing the sequel. But as of right now, fans shouldn't hold their breath for a quick release, as we will have other content to chew on in the meantime. 

Ghost of Tsushima 2 Leaks

No platforms for Ghost Of Tsushima 2 have been announced, but if it is confirmed, it will be released on the PlayStation 5. Regarding leaks, players haven't been able to speculate or mine details because the game has almost no official information out yet.

That being said, some information that has surfaced could indicate the game is already in the works.

Sucker Punch has recently been hiring for a Senior Games Writer for an “open-world game” and a Combat Designer who has “played Ghost of Tsushima” and “understands its core combat systems. 

Ghost of Tsushima 2 Release Date Platforms Leaks and More wait and see for more official information
For now, well have to wait and see for more official information on Ghost of Tsushima 2. (Picture: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

This is almost assuredly hiring for the development of the sequel, and while we don't know much about what to expect, we can at least say for sure the game is looking to replicate and build on some of the systems introduced by its predecessor. But for right now, we'll just have to wait and see for more details on this epic Samurai adventure.