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Ghost Of Tsushima PC Port Launches To Server Issues & Game Crashes

Players have reported experiencing a range of issues, including server connection errors, unable to log into their PSN account, and game crashes.
Ghost Of Tsushima PC Port Launches To Server Issues & Game Crashes
(Picture: Sucker Punch Productions)

Sucker Punch Productions released the much-anticipated PC port of their action-adventure game, Ghost of Tsushima, on 16th May 2024. Days prior to the game's release, the developer made a statement regarding its PSN requirements in the wake of the Helldivers 2 controversy, which is only needed for playing the Online Multiplayer mode.

Unfortunately, the game was hampered by a myriad of technical issues at launch, and many players took to Steam to vocalize their anger and frustration. Some issues experienced include game crashes and server connection issues, which are currently being reported as more issues are reported.

With Ghost of Tsushima now available to play on PC via Steam, players anticipate delving into the world of Tsushima Island with Jin Sakai in this epic action-adventure game. Unfortunately, it suffered from numerous issues that are being reported on the game's Steam forum discussion page, including game crashes from the Main Menu screen.

While an explanation for these crashes has yet to be confirmed, they're believed to be caused by hardware-related settings and configurations for those with Intel 13th Gen and higher CPUs. Nixxes Software, who worked on the game's port, provided some workarounds and solutions to the ongoing issue, like toggling to use the default settings to remedy the issue.

Another issue players have expressed is server connection issues and logging into their PSN account. The PSN account is required to play Legends, the game's Online Multiplayer mode, as their single-player offering isn't required to log into a PSN account to play, which some players can't log into it.

For the time being, it seems like players cannot play the Legends mode for Ghost of Tsushima, but their issues continue to persist with server issues. One player posted that they had to relaunch the game after configuring their settings before logging in a few times for it to be successful; however, other players haven't been as lucky.

As of writing, there has been no statement made by Sony or Sucker Punch Productions regarding the technical issues players are currently experiencing with Ghost of Tsushima. While Nixxes Software has attempted to help players resolve these issues as quickly as possible, it's unclear if additional support is needed to get players into the game.