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How Many Chapters Are There In Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Here are all the chapters you need to finish to beat the main story of Ghostwire: Tokyo.
How Many Chapters Are There In Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action-adventure game set in the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo. It's easily the most detailed depiction of the city in a modern AAA game, with real-life landmarks brimming with interesting side quests and lore-infused collectibles. 

It's also Tango Gameworks' first open-world game, making this quite a meaty package. Like every AAA game of this genre, there's a main story, aka the golden path in Ghostwire: Tokyo, completing which will roll the credits. If you're wondering how many chapters are there in the main story and how long it could take you to beat it, you're in the right place.

Below you will find the list of chapters in Ghostwire Tokyo.

All chapters in Ghostwire: Tokyo

ghostwire tokyo
There are six chapters in Ghostwire: Tokyo. (Picture: Bethesda)

There are six chapters in Ghostwire Tokyo, and each consists of several missions. In total, there are 17 missions in the game, and it could take between 11-15 hours to finish them all. 

Here are all the chapters in Ghostwire Tokyo: 

  • Chapter 1: Beginnings
  • Chapter 2: Trouble 
  • Chapter 3: Connection
  • Chapter 4: Contortion
  • Chapter 5: Severance
  • Chapter 6: Binding

Each chapter can take you between an hour to two to beat, depending on how many side missions and collectibles you try and squeeze in between. There are also few no points in return, so make sure you don't rush through the main story. 

Additionally, if you're a completionist, you may want to hold on from finishing the main story until you transfer 100% of the spirits in the city, as there's a trophy/achievement associated with it called "Hero of Shibuya."