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Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Morite Shrine Location

This guide will provide you with the locations of all the Jizo statues in Ghostwire Tokyo's Morite shrine area.
Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Morite Shrine Location

If you're looking to get the most out of your elemental abilities in Ghostwire Tokyo, then you'll need to know how to upgrade them. This will require finding the Jizo statues around the map, which, when found, will grant you an elemental upgrade. 

Finding the statues can be tedious, though, and if you find yourself in the Morite shrine area looking for statues, this guide has you covered. Below you can find everything you need to know to locate all of the Jizo statues in the Morite shrine area. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Morite Shrine Location

As players make their way through Ghostwire Tokyo, they must persevere until they reach Chapter 4 to unlock the sacred shrine locations like Morite. With these locations unlocked, players can then venture forth to search for the coveted Jizo sculptures scattered throughout Morite and other shrine areas.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Morite Shrine Location Description of statues
Jizo statues are essential for unlocking more elemental power as you progress through the game and enemies get tougher. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

To refresh your memory, each Jizo statue offers a massive power boost for one specific element, giving players an advantage in combat. So discovering a water statue will grant you more powerful wind abilities against stronger foes. 

Morite Shrine only has one shrine to find, but it can still be tedious to find amidst the chaos of battles or while exploring the vast world. So to help you, we've compiled a detailed breakdown below to guide you in finding the Jizo statues in the Morite shrine area. 

Jizo Statue 1: Wind Statue (Wind SP +1)

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Morite Shrine Location Statue position
The location of the only Jizo Statue in Morite Shrine. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

The single statue in Morite can be quite a distance from the shrine itself, so be prepared to take a short trip to find the statue in Morite. The first step you'll need to take is to head in the northeast direction of the main shrine and continue for quite some time, so hopefully, you brought some music to listen to.

To give you some reference on where you heading is to use your map and hover over the shrine, which will reveal the area that the shrine encompasses. Zoom out, and you'll see that towards the top right side of the area is a main road that meets a small pathway. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Morite Shrine Location Reference on map
The orange cones are also a good indicator that you're near the statue but beware of the enemies that may be roaming. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

This is the area that you're heading to, and making your way there will be simple, but be aware of enemies that you may encounter on the way once you reach the area, head to the intersection where the road meets the path and look for the Jizo statue on the corner. 

If you need some extra help finding it, simply use your Spectral Vision to scout the area, and you're sure to find it easily.