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Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Namita Shrine Locations

This guide will reveal all the Namita Shrine Jizou Shrine locations you can find in Ghostwire Tokyo and unlock your full potential.
Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Namita Shrine Locations

Jizo statues play a critical role in the world of Ghostwire Tokyo as they enhance and expand the usage of elemental attacks, including fire, water, and wind. However, locating them in the various areas of the map can be a challenging task, especially in the Namita area. But fret not, as this guide will provide you with all the necessary information.

In the following section, we will present a complete breakdown of how to locate all of the Jizo statues in the Namita Shrine area, along with some general tips on how to find them safely and efficiently. With this guide, you can be assured of your ability to locate these vital objects and progress through Ghostwire Tokyo with confidence.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Namita Shrine Locations

To gain entry to shrine areas like Namita in Ghostwire Tokyo, players are required to make progress until they reach and complete chapter 4 of the game. Once this stage is achieved, the Jizo statues in any of these areas become discoverable.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Namita Shrine Locations How to use
The Jizo statues will grant players a buff to a specific element when they find and pray to it. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

Depending on the type of statue located, players are rewarded with an elemental buff to augment their abilities. For example, discovering a fire statue provides a new fire element buff to increase your combat prowess.

Namita Shrine has three Jizo statues for you to locate. They can be difficult to spot as you're in the heat of battle, so here's our breakdown. 

Jizou Statue 1: Wind Statue (Wind SP +1)

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Namita Shrine Locations First statue
The first statue can be found just north of the Namita shrine. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

The shrine lies to the north of Namita Shrine and the east of a convenience shop. The statue will be sitting between a Noodle store and a Freshmoth Burger restaurant.

Jizou Statue 2: Wind Statue (Wind SP +1)

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Namita Shrine Locations The second shrine
The second shrine can be found northwest of the main shrine. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

Go toward the west from the Namita Shrine Area. The Jizo Statue is tucked away in an alcove, behind a stack of cones and boxes, southeast of the Yugenzaka Junction Monument and northeast of the Tengu Grapple Point.

Akito will come here when completing the Deep Cleaning side quest, so you can wait till then to find it. Just remember that across from the bathhouse is where you'll find the Wind Jizo Statue.

Jizou Statue 3: Wind Statue (Wind SP +1)

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Namita Shrine Locations third shrine
The third shrine is found just southeast of the shrine along the road. (Picture: YouTube / ZaFrostPet)

The last Jizo Statue in the Namita Shrine area is also likely the first one you'll stumble upon there. It is situated to the southeast of the actual shrine. It is located off the road, close to the main route, in a more populated location. 

If you're having trouble, you may give some dog food to a dog in the area, and it should bring you right there. Letting you find the last Jizo statue in the area, and increase your elemental power.