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Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Shiroyama Shrine Locations

Follow this guide to find all the Shiroyama Jizou Shrine statue locations in Ghostwire Tokyo.
Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Shiroyama Shrine Locations

Jizo statues are important in the universe of Ghostwire Tokyo because they improve and increase the use of elemental assaults such as fire, water, and wind. Nevertheless, finding them in the various sections of the map might be difficult, such as the ones located in the Shiroyama area. So don't worry; this guide will provide you with all the knowledge you need.

Below, we will go over how to discover all of the Jizo sculptures in the Shiroyama Shrine region. With the help provided below, you should be well on your way to increasing your power and chances of survival in the harsh world of Ghostwire Tokyo. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Shiroyama Shrine Locations

In Ghostwire Tokyo, players must progress through the game until they finish chapter 4 to access shrine areas like Shiroyama. Upon completing this stage, players can discover Jizo statues located within these areas. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Shiroyama Shrine Locations How statues work
Jizo statues will grant you an elemental buff when prayed to, so finding them all is a must. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

The statues come in different types, each providing an elemental buff to enhance the player's abilities. For instance, discovering a water statue grants a water element buff that can improve the player's combat skills.

Shiroyama Shrine has two Jizo statues that are not easy to locate during the heat of battle. To help you find them, here's a breakdown.

Jizou Statue 1: Wind Statue (Wind SP +1)

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Shiroyama Shrine Locations First location
The first statue can be found southwest of the main shrine. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

The initial Jizo Statue in the vicinity of Shiroyama Shrine can be found with relative ease. Though it can be located southwest of the Shrine, there exists a more expeditious way to discover it. 

One can utilize the fast travel feature to transport themselves to Shiroyama Shrine. Instead of entering the Shrine, turning right and then taking the subsequent right onto the road is the recommended path. After a brief journey down the road, one will spot some yellow shipping boxes on the left-hand side, and beyond them lies the Shrine.

Jizou Statue 2: Fire Statue (Fire SP +1)

Ghostwire Tokyo Jizo Statue Shiroyama Shrine Locations second statue
The second statue is located to the east of the Shiroyama shrine. (Picture: YouTube / Massive Trigger Gaming)

Finding this specific Fire Jizo Statue is of great importance as it is quite rare and provides substantial Fire SP. To locate it, you must travel east from the Shrine area, following a small road that connects to a larger one. 

Continue eastward until you reach the end of the road, where you can see the highway ahead. At this point, turn around and head to your left, entering an alleyway. There may be some enemies to deal with here, so clear them out first. Once you have done so, you will be rewarded with the Fire Jizo Statue next to some dumpsters, granting you more firepower than ever before.