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Where To Get Magatama In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Magatama is a valuable resource in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Here's how you can get it.
Where To Get Magatama In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo features a sprawling open world full of terrifying yokai to fight and Torii gates to cleanse. Like most games of this genre, it also features a skill tree that lets you unlock and use new abilities.

To upgrade these abilities, you need a precious resource called Magatama. These aren't easy to acquire, which means it will take a while before you can upgrade all of your abilities. But how exactly do you get Magatama in Ghoswire: Tokyo? Read our guide to find out. 

How to acquire Magatama in Ghostwire: Tokyo

ghostwire tokyo magatama
Some side quests can reward you with Magatama. (Picture: Shreyansh / Bethesda)

You can get Magatama in Ghostwire: Tokyo by completing side missions or by purchasing them from the many Nekomata vendors in the city. However, not every side mission rewards Magatama. Similarly, not every Nekomata vendor will have one of these valuable materials in store for you. 

Generally, side quests that require you to seal Yokai will grant Magatama. However, since every Yokai acts differently, it's best to be prepared before going in. Thankfully, you can view the rewards you can get by completing a particular quest before starting it, so if you're in dire need of Magatama, make sure to track and finish the ones that will get you those. 

magatama ghostwire tokyo
Some Nekomatas have Magatama in stock. (Picture: Shreyansh / Bethesda)

Purchasing Magatama from Nekomatas is a simpler but more expensive way of acquiring this resource. For instance, the Artsy Nekomata north of the Yashin Shrine is selling one for 130,000 Meika.

 We recommend purchasing Magatama from Nekomatas only when it's urgent or when you have run out of side quests that reward them. 

That concludes our guide on how to get Magatama in Ghostwire: Tokyo.