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Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread: New Abilities, Talismans & Charge Rush

In this guide, we'll discuss all the new abilities, talismans, and the charge rush attack introduced in the Spider's Thread update of Ghostwire: Tokyo.
Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread: New Abilities, Talismans & Charge Rush

The latest update for Ghostwire: Tokyo, known as the Spider's Thread update, brings a plethora of exciting new content that goes beyond mere bug fixes. While there are still some bug fixes included, the focus of this update is on the addition of new mechanics, abilities, and even a new game mode.

If you're curious about the newly introduced abilities in Ghostwire: Tokyo, you've come to the right place. This guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to know about these abilities and the intriguing talisman additions that have been made to the game as part of the Spider's Thread update.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread: New Abilities, Talismans & Charge Rush

Aside from the new Spider's Thread game mode added to the game, there will also be some new abilities added to the game as well as talisman additions that make combat more exciting and dynamic. Below you find find a full breakdown of each of these new additions to the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread: New Abilities

There are quite a few new abilities and/or skills that have been added to the game for players to master. A total of five new abilities that you can try out and master as you play through the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread New Abilities more versatility added with new abilities
The new abilities added to the game give you more tactical advantages and make the gameplay more dynamic. (Picture: Bethesda)
  • Perfect Guard Counter: Put up your Guard at the last possible moment to open foes for a devastating Counter Attack!
  • Quick Dodge: Dip and duck out of the way of projectiles, lunging attacks, and other nastiness sent your way.
  • Aerial Quick Purge: Have a rooftop vantage over an unsuspecting Visitor? Initiate a Quick Purge from above to take out that foe quickly and discretely.
  • Ground Pound: Make a grand entrance with a charged attack from the skies! Hit a cluster of enemies for a massive area-of-effect attack!
  • Beware of Guard Breaks!: It’s not just you getting some new tricks. Certain enemy attacks can now cause a debuff preventing you from Guarding for a brief duration! Keep an eye out for Guard Breaking attacks by spying on their telltale purple glow.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread: Charge Rush

Now for one of the newer additions to your elemental abilities, as the new update introduces the Charged Rush ability. This allows you to unleash overclocked versions of each element that you weave for powerful effects.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread New Charge Rush
The new Charge Rush ability gives you the full potential of your elemental abilities. (Picture: Bethesda)

This ability lets you unleash your full potential by overwhelming enemies with a relentless barrage of wind strikes, freezing them with an intense blast of icy energy, or igniting them with the devastating power of a flamethrower. To maximize the impact of these attacks, you must be near your targets. 

If used effectively, this new ability can allow you to quickly dispatch many unsuspecting Visitors with a powerful Charge Rush.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread: New Talismans

Last but not least, we have the new Talismans added to the game. More specifically, two new talismans have been added with the new update, the Updraft and Spirit Well talismans. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread New Talisman options
The two new Talismans are extremely useful in battle or even when traversing the world. (Picture: Bethesda)

The Updraft talisman is useful for movement, as dropping one will summon a gust of wind that launches you toward the sky. This is useful for traversal and exploration but also can be useful during combat as an escape or to get the high ground. 

The Spirit Well talisman is more combat focused as it summons a pool that gradually restores your Ether while you are near it. This is useful for when you need that extra boost of ammo for your Etheral Weaving. 

And there you have it, all the new abilities, mechanics, and talismans added to Ghostwire Tokyo in the new Spider's Thread update.