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Best Skills To Use in Ghostwire Tokyo

Arm yourself with powerful abilities using our guide that discusses all the best skills you should use in Ghostwire: Tokyo.
Best Skills To Use in Ghostwire Tokyo

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, your skills play a vital role in combat. They offer you a variety of potent techniques to defeat foes, navigate the game world, and recover health in critical situations. You can use skills to deal more damage, unleash powerful attacks, and even evade enemies' attacks.

Therefore, selecting the most effective skills is crucial for success, and investing in them early on can prove beneficial as the game becomes more challenging. Some skills may work better for certain playstyles or combat scenarios, while others may offer more general benefits. To assist you in determining which skills are optimal, we have outlined our top picks for the best skills to utilize in Ghostwire: Tokyo below.

Best Skills to use in Ghostwire: Tokyo 

As you earn skill points in the game, you can choose to spend them on one of three kinds of ability types, namely, Abilities, Ethereal Weaving, and Equipment. As you progress, you'll likely experiment with mixing and matching with these ability types.

GhostWire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Experiment but start below
The skills listed below are a great starting place for you to experiment with various skills in the game. (Picture: YouTube / Bethesda)

While you can choose to assign your points however you want, we suggest choosing a few before others, as described in our list of best skills to use below. 

Spectral Vision - Range Boost

Ghost Wire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Spectral Vision
Spectral Vision is ideal for scouting your surroundings and outmaneuvering enemies. (Picture: YouTube / EPICTREASURE)

Spectral visions are given to you at the beginning of the game as part of the main story quest. With this ability, you can inspect your surroundings and highlight enemies. 

It usually works at a range of 30m, but when upgraded, you can boost its range to 40m and then, finally 55m. This is extremely useful for finding objects such as Jizo statues and Torii Gates, but also to mark your enemies and plan your attacks. 

Core Grab - Speed Boost

GhostWire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Core Grab
Core Grab is ideal for clearing crowds quickly. (Picture: YouTube / EPICTREASURE)

Core Grab is useful in that it allows you to gain extra XP and Ether when used. This is a great benefit, but it does come with a drawback, as extracting the Cores from enemies can leave you vulnerable. 

We recommend upgrading the core grab to Kukurihime I, as it will increase your core extracting speed by 50%. This will make it extremely useful as a crowd clearer, as well as give you tons of HP back as you do. 

Ground Core Grab

GhostWire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Ground Core Grab
Ground Core Grab can help you deal with tougher enemies and stun other enemies. (Picture: YouTube / EPICTREASURE)

The Ground Core Grab is a technique that enables you to eliminate enemies who are lying on the ground. It is particularly advantageous when dealing with multiple foes, especially the weaker ones whom you can stun with a Perfect Block and then knock down with subsequent hits. 

The Ground Core Grab can be used strategically to swiftly get rid of troublesome enemies while you navigate through the remaining ones.

Water Weaving - More Shots

GhostWire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Water Weaving
Water is an excellent ability for wide-range core exposure letting you capitalize on weakened enemies. (Picture: YouTube / EPICTREASURE)

Water can be a highly effective tool for managing large groups of enemies. It quickly exposes the vulnerable cores of weaker monsters and allows you to push back stronger opponents, making it particularly useful in overwhelming battles, as it helps to keep your foes in check.

With the Water Weaving - More Shots upgrade, you can enhance the effectiveness of your water attacks even further. This upgrade adds extra projectiles to each use of water, enabling you to knock back more targets at once and deal additional damage. 

Fire Weaving - Radius Boost

GhostWire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Fire Weaving
Fire attacks can disperse enemies, giving you time and space to clear them out. (Picture: YouTube / EPICTREASURE)

Fire abilities are the way to go when you need to create some distance in a fight. The default charge attack for fire abilities is enough to push back stronger enemies when you need some space.

But taking it further with Radius Boost upgrades makes the fire act like a powerful grenade on impact. It can even possibly wipe out weaker enemies while pushing the big enemies further away. 

Wind Charge Attack - More Shots 

GhostWire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Wind Charge
Wind attacks when charged, deal more damage and release more projectiles in one go. (Picture: YouTube / EPICTREASURE)

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, the Wind element is your primary weapon, and it's important to ensure that it's as powerful as possible. As you'll usually have plenty of Spirit Points (SP) for wind attacks, maximizing their effectiveness is crucial.

The Wind Charge Attack - More Shots upgrade is an excellent way to enhance the power of your wind attacks. 

With this upgrade, you can add additional projectiles to a charged wind shot, enabling you to fire up to four shots for the cost of just one. This is particularly useful when facing slower enemies, as it allows you to take them down more quickly, giving you an advantage in combat.

Prayer Beads - Extra Set

GhostWire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Prayer beads
The more Prayer beads you can use as you upgrade this skill, the more passive and active buffs you receive. (Picture: YouTube / EPICTREASURE)

beads that can enhance your favorite weapons and stats, allowing you to develop a personalized playstyle. At first, you can only equip one set of prayer beads. However, by acquiring all three sets, you can become the ultimate demon-slaying master you've always aspired to be.

To unlock the full potential of your character, it's important to invest in the Prayer Beads - Extra Set upgrade twice. With this upgrade, you can equip all three sets of prayer beads simultaneously and gain all the associated buffs. 

Faster Sneaking 

GhostWire Tokyo Best Skills To Use Faster Sneaking
Sneaking faster is ideal for stealthy players, and gives you a better chance to succeed at evading enemies. (Picture: YouTube / EPICTREASURE)

Lastly, we have an ability useful for those looking to take a stealthy approach since most of the game is quite in your face with action. The Faster Sneaking ability and its upgrades make sneaking far more comfortable and viable for any player. 

So be sure to try it out, along with all of the skills we've listed above, and try them all to find out which skill works best for you.