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Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread Game Mode Explained

Get ready for a challenge with our guide that explains how the new Spider's Thread game mode will work in Ghostwire: Tokyo.
Ghostwire Tokyo Spider’s Thread Game Mode Explained

With the brand new Spider's Thread update for Ghostwire Tokyo here, players can enjoy tons of new content, such as new abilities, upgrades, enemies to fight, and a brand new game mode named after the update called Spider's Thread. This new game mode brings new challenges for players to face, but how does it work?

Well, that's what this guide will aim to answer as we will be delving into everything you need to know about this new game mode. So without further delay, let's take a look at how the new Spider's Thread game mode works in Ghostwire: Tokyo. 

Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread Game Mode Explained

From the main menu, players can find the new Spider's Thread game mode available after downloading the free update. This new mode will see players take on a gauntlet of 30 stages that are picked from a pool of 130 hand-designed stages, meaning each will be unique and give players a unique experience each time they land in one. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread Mode How To Play How It works
This new mode sees players taking on a gauntlet of 30 stages as they collect items, abilities, and resources to help them progress. (Picture: Bethesda)

Each stage will have a specific goal to complete, such as taking on a specific number of enemies, navigating the rooftops of Tokyo, or finding select items in the world. The stages will also have some optional goals, such as taking no damage while you complete your main goal of defeating 10 enemies, for example. 

As you make your way through these stages, you'll also start earning Nekomata Koban, a currency exclusive to this mode that can be traded with the feline shopkeeper, the Nekomata, for some great upgrades, beads, and enhancements that can help you as the stages get tougher. Try to spend these as liberally as you can, as the enhancements you gain will follow over into your next run if you die. 

Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread Mode How To Play Purchasing items from Nekomata
As you play, you'll collect Nekomata Koban, which you can use to trade with the Nekomata shopkeeper for extra goods and upgrades. (Picture: Bethesda)

Speaking of dying, this game mode operates similarly to a roguelike, meaning if you die, you start back at stage 1; however, you can retain some of the upgrades you've collected along the way. So, collecting your upgrades is vital, especially when we get to the end game of this mode. 

Once players reach and clear stage 30, you'll be rewarded with a special gauntlet inspired by the Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Shibuya 429 building. However, this is where things get crazy, as you can keep going after completing stage 30 and reach stage 429 if you can make it that far.

Ghostwire Tokyo Spiders Thread Mode How To Play More challenges
After reaching stage 30, more challenges await, so prepare yourself for a tough but fun-packed game mode. (Picture: Bethesda)

This mode is, of course, for the more battle hungry of us, but with the vast amounts of replayability in this mode, it's going to be one we enjoy. And now that you know how it works, we wish you luck in the new Spiders Thread mode.