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Ghostwire Tokyo: How To Find All Spirits

Get ready for a hunt with our guide on how to find all the spirits wandering through the world of Ghostiwre: Tokyo.
Ghostwire Tokyo: How To Find All Spirits

Your goal in Ghostwire: Tokyo is to complete the main storyline, which includes fighting off ghostly apparitions as you make your way through the abandoned city of Tokyo. As you make your way through the city, there will be Spirits that you can absorb and rescue with the help of your team. 

If you need help in finding these spirits and need some advice on the best ways to go about collecting them, then you're in the right place. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to find all the spirits wandering the map of Ghostwire: Tokyo. 

Ghostwire: Tokyo - How to find all Spirits

The spirits in Ghostwire Tokyo are blue floating apparitions that are found all over the map. They can be found and absorbed by using a Katashiro, which can also be found across the map or bought through the vendors in the game. 

Ghostwire Tokyo How To Find All Spirits Finding Spirits and transferrin them for perks and more
Hunting Spirits is a tough challenge as there are tons of them to find, but it's worthwhile as they give you some neat buffs and perks for collecting and rescuing them. (Picture: YouTube / Bethesda)

Once you have collected the spirits, you can then transport them to safety using the phone booths across the map, and luckily the Katashiro can hold tons of spirits at a time, and you can hold up to 50 max. However, finding all the spirits and transporting them can be lengthy as there are a lot of them to find. 

In total, there are 240,300 Spirits, including the ones in the Shibuya Underground and Hyakko Yako realm areas. To find them all, you're going to need to be vigilant as you move through each area, as they can be hidden in dark alleys or even up on rooftops. 

Ghostwire Tokyo How To Find All Spirits Tips to finding them below
There are plenty of tips you can use to make finding spirits easier, as we've listed below. (Picture: YouTube / Bethesda)

To keep track of the number of spirits you've transferred in each location and the containment cube spirits you've collected, look at the top right corner of the map. Additionally, you can earn spirits by completing certain missions. Destroying the orbs of the corrupted trees found throughout the area will also release spirits that you can absorb.

To give you some help with this, as there are tons of ways to collect Spirits in the game. Below are a few of the key ways in which you can collect spirits in Ghostwire: Tokyo:

  • Finding spirits floating in the open world
  • Completing main missions
  • Completing side missions
  • Cleansing Torii Gates
  • Cleansing corrupted areas
  • Protecting Containment Cubes
  • Completing Hyakki Yako battles

It's worth noting that if your Katashiro fills up, you won't be able to transport any more spirits. So be sure to stock up on them as you get out there and collect Spirits and Happy Hunting!