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Gothic Remake Release Date Speculation, News, Gameplay, Platforms & More

Everything you need to know about the Gothic 1 Remake, from the speculated release date window to gameplay details, news and more.
Gothic Remake Release Date Speculation, News, Gameplay, Platforms & More
THQ Nordic

At the THQ Nordic showcase on 11 August 2023, the publisher announced the Gothic 1 Remake, a faithful recreation of the cult-classic open-world RPG, more than two decades since the release of the original in 2001.

In this consistently updated article, we will provide fans with all the news, gameplay details, release date speculation, and much more for the Gothic 1 Remake as more information becomes available. Let's dive in and share everything we know about Gothic 1 Remake thus far!

Update on 15 November 2023: We checked for any Gothic Remake news or details and updated this article accordingly.

Gothic Remake News & Leaks

This section is filled with all the latest news and leaks about Gothic Remake as they become available, so check back for more soon!

15 November 2023: Checked for new Gothic Remake news and details

We checked but couldn't find any new information to share. We will continue our quest, so stay tuned!

15 August 2023: Gothic Remake announced!

Gothic Remake Release Date Speculation

gothic 1 remake release date news gameplay details features leaks
The Old Camp is more moody than ever in the Gothic Remake! (Picture: THQ Nordic)

At the time of writing, there's no official Gothic Remake release date.

It has to be noted that you can already Wishlist the Gothic Remake on Steam and the PlayStation Store. On Steam, specifically, the Gothic Remake release date is listed as "Coming soon." The game is being developed by Alkimia Interactive and, of course, published by THQ Nordic.

While this is just a guestimate, we think the Gothic 1 Remake release date window should be sometime in mid-to-late 2024. Of course, we might be way off, and the game could be years away from release. We will endeavor to update this section as soon as an official release date or window for Gothic Remake becomes available.

Gothic 1 Remake Platforms

gothic 1 remake release date news gameplay details features leaks
We can't wait to explore the Kingdom of Myrtana once again! (Picture: THQ Nordic)

Thanks to the announcement trailer, we know that the Gothic Remake will be available on PC (via Steam) as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. No mention was made of the Nintendo Switch (or its successor) nor any of the last-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).

Gothic 1 Remake Gameplay Features & Story

gothic 1 remake release date news gameplay details features leaks
Step into the boots of a nameless hero to save the kingdom from an Orc invasion! (Picture: THQ Nordic)

In the Gothic Remake, players will once again step into the boots of a nameless hero in an attempt to save the Kingdom of Myrtana from an orcish invasion. The game is a faithful recreation of the original Gothic, so expect mostly the same storyline and sidequests. 

A Gothic 1 Remake story synopsis reads:

King Rhobar II, in need of a large quantity of magical ore in order to forge powerful weapons, operates the Khorinis mines with all available prisoners.To prevent them from escaping, the monarch asks his best magicians to create a magical barrier. But something goes wrong. The magic gets out of control and a mutiny turns the mines into a wild territory now controlled by the most violent prisoners.

The King is forced to negotiate with the new owners, while the tension between the different factions of the mines increases. What no one expects is that the arrival of an unknown prisoner will change absolutely everything.

In terms of gameplay features, Gothic Remake will have a modernized combat system! That's fantastic news for those who want to explore the Kingdom of Myrtana again, or for the first time. Below is an official list of features/details available for the Gothic Remake thus far:

  • Return to The Colony, in a full blown remake of the popular and revolutionary game Gothic from 2001. Rediscover the world of the mining colony, its secrets and challenges.
  • Play as the Nameless Hero – Manage the fate of a lifetime convicted prisoner who must survive in a world of wild animals, creatures and convicts of dangerous reputation.
  • Faithful full remake of the original Gothic 1.
  • Modernized combat system that takes the basic premises of the original combat system to the modern age.

Check out the first trailer for Gothic Remake, entitled "Welcome to the Old Camp," from the THQ Nordic showcase below to get a glimpse of what the remake looks like. All footage was captured "in-engine."

So there you have it, everything we know so far about the Gothic 1 Remake. As more information becomes available, we will update this article as we consistently scout for any new details for this upcoming RPG!