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Gears 5 New Update: New Modes and Hive and Return of Locust

We list all the new changes coming today for Gears 5.
Gears 5 New Update: New Modes and Hive and Return of Locust

We are glad to see more content being released today for Gears 5 that caters to every type of player. From a new versus mode to new PvE content, we state all the changes coming to Gears this week.

New Versus Mode: Brawl

Gears 5 2021 updatge(Picture: The Coalition)

After enjoying Execution 2.0, we can now get stuck into Brawl. From the notes provided, it is essentially TDM but will encourage a more aggressive playstyle. With spawn points changing from traditional spots to now being close to allies, the pace of the game should increase. 

Execution 2.0 will be staying and will join the quickplay playlist. This should give that playlist more variety and hopefully encourage more players to come online. 

Notes and Medals for Brawl

  • Players no longer respawn at the traditional static TDM spawn points. They will instead spawn throughout the map – nearer to their teammates and as far from enemies as reasonably possible.
  • The Weapon respawn timers are on pickup, not use. So that this will not create too much power on the map, the weapon respawn times have been slightly lengthened.
  • Players will take less damage from a distance while DBNO, similar to Execution 2.0, Gridiron, and Escalation.
  • Win 5 Matches in the Brawl Versus Event (6 stars)
  • Deal 50,000 Damage in the Brawl Versus Event  (5 stars)
  • Get 75 Eliminations in the Brawl Versus Event  (5 stars)
  • Complete 5 Matches in the Brawl Versus Event  (4 stars)

Return of Locust and New Hive

It has been stated from TC that locust units from the Nexus Siege event will be making a return to Horde. From that, we could expect to see Cyclops, Drones, Snipers and Theron Guards. With being promised a new horde Experience, it is good news for PvE fans. 

New Escape Hive: The Mines

New Escape Hive: The Mines(Picture: The Coalition)

The Mines will present you with a choice and will allow you to fight through alternative experiences. Additionally, It is the first Hive to offer a choice to the player, which will overall add replayability.   

Featured and Weekly Store Items

Below are all store items available upon the release of the update. 

Featured Store and Cost

Featured Store Items(Picture: The Coalition)

  • Inside Out Cog Gear 500 Iron or 4000 Coins
  • Pixel Art Jack 500 Iron or 4000 Coins
  • Pixelated Legacy Weapon Set 425 Iron or 3400 Coins
  • Retro Banner 100 Iron or 800 Coins
  • Poop Bloodspray 125 Iron or 1000 Coins

Weekly Store and Cost

Weekly Store Gears 5(Picture: The Coalition)

  • Chairman Prescott 500 Iron
  • Collector's Jermad 250 Iron
  • Timelapse Full Set 850 Iron
  • Prescott Banner 100 Iron
  • Prescott's Watch Mark 65 Iron