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GTA 6 Teaser Potentially Found In GTA Online Update

GTA 6 may be being teased in a GTA Online update.
GTA 6 Teaser Potentially Found In GTA Online Update

People have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6 news for a long time now, but there's been no real sign of any. Other than the leak that happened last year that Rockstar didn't acknowledge at all, there's been absolutely no news on the game other than the fact it is in development. A new GTA Online update may be teasing upcoming GTA Online news, though. 

The GTA Online update for this summer comes with a lot of new additions, including new clothes. There's a category of clothing added to the game entitled '???' which is just one t-shirt that has numbers and symbols in a seemingly random order. After carefully studying the shirt, GTA 6 fans think that the numbers and symbols translate to 'ONE DAY WILL REVEAL ALL'. This could be a reference to an imminent announcement of GTA 6, but it could also refer to future plans for GTA Online content. 

Rockstar could be teasing plans for the Halloween update for GTA Online, which would tie in with discoveries that data miners have found that feature code that decodes to 'connect the lines' and 'we are watching'. It's possible that Rockstar could be teasing content relating to aliens, but we won't know for sure until later this year.

Of course, this IS Rockstar, so we might never find out what it means.