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Grand Theft Auto 6: What we know so far

Here's everything we know so far about GTA 6, including speculation on the location, story, release date, price and more.
Grand Theft Auto 6: What we know so far

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) is, just like Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, inevitable. There is no doubt a GTA 6 will release at some point in the future, especially with the success of GTA 5 and GTA Online. Here's everything we know so far about Rockstar Games' GTA 6, including speculation on release date, price, location and so much more.

GTA 6 release date

Since Rockstar Games have not officially revealed GTA 6 to the world, there's no official release date. 

However, reports have suggested the game is in early development. This means we would likely not see GTA 6 release in the next few years. To make things even more apparent, GTA V will be released for free with next-gen upgrades on PS5 in the second half of 2021, meaning the GTA 6 release date is likely very far away.


We will provide an update to our readers once a GTA 6 release date is set in stone.

GTA 6 announcement

When will a GTA 6 announcement occur? Well, we simply don't know. However, Rockstar Support has been answering fan questions on Twitter recently.

While this isn't the first time Rockstar Support has given fans this same answer, it might just point towards a GTA 6 announcement coming sooner rather than later.

GTA 6 platforms and VR

With GTA 6's release date still, very likely, far away, the game will likely be a next-gen title. This isn't to say GTA 6 might not make it to PS4 and Xbox One but it is highly unlikely for a game which could only release somewhere between 2022 and 2024.

We can expect the GTA 6 platforms to include PS5, Xbox Series X (and S), with a PC version coming at a later date after release if GTA V is anything to go by.

On the topic of Virtual Reality, there's always a chance GTA 6 would offer VR support, as Rockstar has experimented with VR before with LA Noire: VR Case Files.

GTA 6 price

Current-gen games are priced at $60, while many next-gen games from various publishers are moving to the $70 price tag.

Since GTA 6 is seemingly still very far away from release, and no doubt will be a next-gen title, it might be priced at $70.

GTA 6 release date price locations platforms story gameplay

(Picture: Rockstar Games)


However, this is up to publisher 2K Games and developer Rockstar Games to decide, as publishers aren't forced to charge more for their next-gen titles. 


There's been a whole lot of chatter about GTA 6's location, as a leak one year ago on Reddit suggests the game's codename is PROJECT AMERICAS. 

Rumours suggest GTA 6 will have multiple locations, from Los Santos to Vice City and Liberty City, while others suggest the game will take place in Vice City and a new fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro.

Back in May 2019, an apparent Rockstar Games employee posted a review on Glassdoor, and revealed the GTA 6 locations via a coded message.

GTA 6 release date price locations platforms story gameplay

(Picture: Glassdoor)


Under the "Advice to management" section, you should read the first letter of each point, translating to:

  • G
  • T
  • A
  • 6
  • L
  • S
  • V
  • C
  • L
  • C

This, according to some fans, translates to GTA 6 Los Santos Vice City Liberty City. While it is a bit of a stretch, and could be faked in some way, there is a chance GTA 6 could have multiple locations in one massive map. 

Story and gameplay details

Several leaks have suggested the game will have multiple playable characters, one of them being a female lead.

GTA 6 release date price locations platforms story gameplay

(Picture: Rockstar Games)


While the leaks have been taken down, GamesRadar reports information from JackOLantern1982, edited for clarity, along with details from a possible leak on Fireden, has revealed some story points. Check them out below.

  • The beginning of the game is reminiscent of The Wire.
  • Police officers are trying to crack down on a gang/drug ring based around a nightclub.
  • There are four main characters, two police and two gang members.
  • The plot then twists and goes to upstate New York, where it becomes more crime noir, think Ozark and Breaking Bad.
  • It will have twice the amount of dialogue as GTA 5 and a really crazy plot twist.
  • The main storyline splits after a while, the criminal side has sort of a sandbox build-a-crime-empire thing (Fallout 4 meets the Sims), while the police side is more of a traditional action game with a little twist of LA Noire.

GTA 6 leaks

One massive leak back in 2019 revealed a tonne of information about GTA 6. While the GTA 6 leak should be taken with a large helping of salt, Reddit user JackOLantern1982 revealed over 20 supposed details about GTA 6. 

  • The next GTA title has been in development since 2012, but production didn't begin properly until 2015, but even then the team was focusing more on Red Dead Redemption 2. 
  • It's another Rockstar Worldwide Production.
  • Codename is PROJECT AMERICAS.
  • Set in both Vice City and a new fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro.
    Some linear missions take place in Liberty City, but it isn't an open-world (think Ludendorff in GTA 5).
  • Game will balance realism and arcade and it won't be as realistic as Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • One playable protagonist: male, not female, despite supposed leaks.
  • Set in 1970s-1980s.
  • You play as an up and coming drug lord-wannabe named "Ricardo". Another key character called “Kacey” is a part of the narrative.
  • You start off as a grunt doing runs as a cocaine smuggler from Vice City to the new large South American area before making connections with big time drug lords and making your way up. Multiple cities.
  • There will also be a giant prison which will play a part in the game.
  • Will feature a 'chapter' system similar to a Tarantino flick or Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Weather is a heavy focus (hurricanes, floods, etc).
  • Buildings change over the eras, vehicles too. So older, rare classic cars get more expensive as time progresses etc. Full economy.
  • Heavily inspired by Netflix's Narcos.
  • They want to have an incredible 70s/80s soundtrack.
  • A younger Martin Madrazo will make an appearance as will his father who is a big drug lord at the time. You do some missions for the Madrazo family involving hits on other gangs.
    Drug empire building is a mechanic similar to Vice City Stories but bigger. Think the GTA Online system and dial it up to 10.
  • You can only have weapons on your person.
  • No arsenal in your back pocket, like Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Your personal vehicle will be like your horse saddle in Red Dead Redemption 2. All your equipment is stored in the trunk. You also store your body armour in the car. If you wear it, it appears, no longer just an invisible thing.
  • There will be tons of subtitle reading.
  • Think Max Payne 3 amounts, very immersive, like watching an episode of Narcos. Whenever you're in South America, don't expect to hear much English. Vice City however is a mix of everything, but mostly English.
  • Last bit of narrative info, it will discuss topics such as HIV and the immigration crisis of the time. A fictional version of Fidel Castro etc.
  • Next-gen only, not PS4 or Xbox One [aka PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett].
  • GTA 6 is now their primary focus, alongside another title (which might be Bully 2).
  • Game is still in Pre-Alpha so names, locations, details could and probably will change.
  • No ETA on a release date.

As always, you should take information such as this with a large helping of salt. We will keep you updated on any GTA 6 news.