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Rockstar Removes GTA V Cover Car From GTA Online

Rockstar has removed hundreds of cars from the GTA Online store, one of which is the cover car of the game.
Rockstar Removes GTA V Cover Car From GTA Online

Rockstar has annoyed fans by removing almost 200 vehicles from GTA Online

According to players on Reddit who have trawled the entire store to work out what exactly has been removed from the in-game store, there's a total of 195 vehicles missing. Rockstar states in a blog post that the reason they've made these changes is that 'Lesser-used vehicles will be removed from the in-game websites to streamline the browsing experience. These vehicles will be made available via events showrooms, The Lucky Wheel, and other places."

However, one Reddit user pointed out that

'If it really was about 'streamlining' the experience, many have pointed out that they simply could have added a filter function to the in-game sites for particular classes and even an option to sort alphabetically'. 

Another Reddit user states

"Anyone looking at GTA's continued success under the status quo and expecting it to get more fair is a huge masochist imo. They haven't been about making fair post-launch monetization for donkey's years now, and that's not about to change anytime soon. According to them GTA's current monetisation is ethical, these people do not have your best financial interests at heart. Every passing day they're spitballing ideas on how they can charge you even more, and the only way out is to stop playing. "

The biggest kicker, is that one of the cars currently missing from the game is actually one of the cover cars for GTA V itself, the Obey 9F. You now cannot get one of the cars that appear on the cover of Grand Theft Auto V, a game that is celebrating its ten-year anniversary later this year. Remarkable.