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GTA has removed some cheats for "technical reasons"

Rockstar Games confirmed that they removed certain cheats from Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, citing "technical difficulties" with the Unreal Engine.
GTA has removed some cheats for "technical reasons"

The launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy initially sparked excitement amongst die-hard fans and was meant to be a remaster of its three most iconic titles from the franchise, including GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City.

Rockstar Games promised that the game would feature "across the board upgrades," such as visual improvements and other gameplay enhancements but ultimately failed to deliver. Followingly, fans were left disappointed and branded the remastered product as a "joke" with several other shortcomings, including iconic songs like "Billy Jean" and even certain cheats.

Now, it's common knowledge that cheat codes are an integral component of the GTA franchise since many fans (including myself) played the game with the sole purpose of bloating their wallets with money, purchasing weapons and wreaking havoc and riots on the streets. So why did Rockstar Games think it would be a good idea to remove certain cheats from GTA: The Trilogy? 

GTA has removed some cheats for "technical reasons"

According to an article by USA Today, Rockstar Games confirmed the removal of some cheats from the game, citing "technical difficulties." In a statement provided to USA Today, Rockstar Games producer Rich Rosado said: "We actually had to remove a couple [of cheats] for technical reasons," adding that "certain things that didn't play well in the Unreal base."

rockstar remove certain cheats unreal engine gta trilogy grand theft auto
GTA: The Trilogy players can't use certain cheats to go on killing sprees in GTA. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In his statement, Rosado was purposefully vague about which cheats would or would not work in the game, saying: "But that's actually where I'll leave it. There's some fun with discovery. I'm not saying plus or minus, but I'd rather not just go right on the nose before the release of the game and go straight to the end credits."

Considering that Rockstar Games removed the cheats due to the limitations of the Unreal Engine, it's likely that "god mode" or "increased armour cheats" will not work. NME speculates that, instead, it's more likely that only spawn cheats will work in GTA: The Trilogy.

rockstar remove certain cheats unreal engine gta trilogy grand theft auto
GTA: The Trilogy developers confirm that some cheats were removed from the game (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Although Rosado noted that Rockstar Games removed certain cheats, he also vaguely hinted that Rockstar Games may introduce several new cheats to the game for players to discover.

At the time of writing, we are not sure which cheat codes still work in the game, but we sure as heck will find out. 


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Featured image courtesy of Rockstar Games.