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GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners event: New racing modes, daily bonuses and more

From the smell of burnout tires to the sound of booming engines, the new Grand Theft Auto Online update will get the hearts of car junkies racing, quite literally.
GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners event: New racing modes, daily bonuses and more

The Los Santos scene is about to get a lot louder as the newest, hottest race club has entered the town.

If you’re a fan of fast vehicles, adrenaline-filled adventures and somewhat friendly competition you just found a new home with the latest GTA Online update.

The Los Santos Tuners Event will be live on July 20th with a ton of action-packed, tuner-based missions, races and new friends.

Los Santos Tuners: Car Meet Membership

Los Santos Tuners Car Meet Warehouse
The Los Santos Car Meet warehouse is located in Cypress Flats, near the edge of the city. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

In this warehouse, you will find countless ways to immerse yourself in the tuner car world as you can interact with many different characters, enjoy the test track, or run outside for some competitive racing with other online players.

The Car Meet membership is only GTA $50,000 and will grant you all of this club’s amenities and features so you can keep repping up through races and missions.

You will also earn rep through daily login bonuses, putting time on the Test Track or even just hanging out at the Car Meet, allowing you to access wearables, game modes and even car customization options.

Los Santos Tuners new races

Los Santos Tuners Street Racing
Show off your fastest cars and win Rep at the same time with street races. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

This event will also introduce two racing game modes in the Street Race Series and Pursuit Series.

The Street Race series is a straightforward race in creative tracks built around the scenery of the Los Santos neighbourhood and includes shortcuts that could be your doom or your step towards victory.

In a more unconventional type of race, the Pursuit Series will spread checkpoints around the city for you to create your own pathway to achieve triumph.

We cannot wait for the 20th so we can hit the gas and leave everyone behind while showing off our masterful driving skills.

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