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How To Play Judgement Day - GTA Online Halloween Event 2022

Judgement Day is the newest limited-time Halloween Event in GTA Online. Here's how to play the new Adversary Mode.
How To Play Judgement Day - GTA Online Halloween Event 2022

It's October, and you know what that means -- All Hallows' Eve! This year, developer Rockstar Games are celebrating the spooky month with a new Halloween Event called Judgement Day, heading to Los Santos with the 6th October 2022 GTA Online Weekly Reset.

The limited-time mode is interesting, to say the least, resembling a deathly hide-and-seek-type game mode. This guide details everything you need about Judgement Day, the new GTA Online Halloween Event in 2022.

What Is Judgement Day In GTA Online?

when does judgement day end gta online
GTA Online's Judgement Day Adversary Mode runs from 6th October to 1st November. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Per Rockstar Games' official blog post on 6th October 2022, Judgement Day is described as a "new Adversary Mode that pits a small team of powerful Riders against a vulnerable group of Hunted." The GTA Online Halloween Event is similar to hide-and-seek, only deadlier.

Oh, and if you're wondering how long it will run, the Halloween Event started on 6th October and ends on 1st November 2022, leaving plenty of time for players to get in on the action. Beyond this, GTA Online players can earn special rewards and bonuses for participating, including 2X GTA$ and RP and GTA$ 300,000 for winning three rounds!

In addition to these rewards, Rockstar noted that they would release "new Halloween clothing, collectibles, events, and returning fan-favorite modes" as the event continues.

How To Play Judgement Day GTA Online Halloween Event

Participants in the limited-time event will be divided into two factions: Riders and Hunted. The objective is simple: Riders must track and eliminate the Hunted, while the Hunted must survive through dawn or kill all the Riders in the final Sudden Death minute.

Riders will start the round on an LLC Sanctus (worth GTA$ 1,995,000), equipped with extra health, speed, a Double Barrel Shotgun, and Stone Hatchet. In addition, Riders can enjoy a few abilities to help them find the Hunted during GTA Online's Judgement Day Halloween Event.

gta online halloween event judgement day how to play
The LLC Sanctus returns in GTA Online's Halloween Event 2022. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

These abilities include a brief burst of thermal vision, heartbeat sense, and health regeneration when near their Sanctus. They will also deal bonus damage and respawn if downed before the final minute.

It's also worth noting that the Hunted won't be entirely defensive during the GTA Online Halloween Event.

Hunted can find various weapons on the map, which won't be accessible to Riders. "While killing a Rider won't be an easy task, it's the only way to bring a fallen teammate back into the fray for a crucial bit of back-up - though resurrections are disabled in the final minute," Rockstar noted.

war mask free item gta online halloween event 2022 judgement day
The War Mask is a free item featured in Judgement Day mode. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Finally, the Hunted should listen for audio cues; however, they must be careful not to get too close. "A fire will consume any Hunted who comes within breathing distance of a Rider," Rockstar concluded.

That concludes our guide on how to play the 2022 Halloween Event "Judgement Day" in GTA Online.

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Featured image courtesy of Rockstar Games.