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This is how GTA V would look if it was made for PlayStation 1

In the world of ever-growing quality of graphics and realism, some enjoy in simplicity and absurd "ugliness" of PS1 era graphics.
This is how GTA V would look if it was made for PlayStation 1

Grand Theft Auto V is by far one of the most popular games in the history of gaming and the second best selling, with more than 120 million copies sold, and the number keeps growing.

We saw thousands of various mods and things added to the game, including a bunch of photo-realism mods, which aimed to make GTA 6 beyond beautiful, with insane lighting effects, a fantastic amount of details, and convincing physics. 

And then, there are these other people who like to downgrade things to its core beauty which has its own charm in which we very much enjoy.

Youtuber 98DEMAKE is precisely that kind of a guy. As the name suggests, he enjoys taking new games and converting them into PS1 era graphic with his "If X was made in 1998" series.

Although at first glance it might look simple to make things like this, you got to really understand the graphics of that era and all tidbits that come with it.  For us, this looks absolutely genius, and we enjoy watching his creations.

If you like "If Grand Theft Auto V was made in 1998" video below, we strongly advise you to watch his other similar videos! In the same manner, he did Rocket League, Assasin's Creed, Resident Evil 7, and many others!