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Guilty Gear
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Guilty Gear Strive v1.10 patch notes - All buffs and nerfs

The latest Guilty Gear Strive patch brings system changes and individual buffs to characters like Leo, Sol, and more.
Guilty Gear Strive patch v1.10 is going to be a controversial one, as Arc System Works has decided to essentially buff characters the community has already deemed as undeniably top-tier such as Leo and Sol Badguy.

Before we get into individual character changes, version 1.10 also brings universal mechanic changes. One of the most important ones is an increase to the input buffer system, which will make it easier for players to act on the first actionable frame after a move. 

Another massive change is that projectiles will have less recovery, making them better neutral tools. To compensate both aerial attacks and anti-airs have been buffed to allow for more counterplay around projectiles

As mentioned before, some characters also received unthinkable buffs, such as Sol Badguy, whose Bandit Revolver can now be followed up on even if the first hit is blocked, making it a perfect mixup tool now. 

Ramlethal was benefitted by the system changes. (Picture: Arc System Works)

Let's not beat around the bush anymore see everything the balance patch v1.10 brings to Guilty Gear Strive.

Guilty Gear Strive v1.10 patch notes

Universal Mechanics

universal changes 1
Universal mechanic changes. (Picture: Arc System Works)
universal changes
More universal mechanic changes. (Picture: Arc System Works)
universal changes
Confirmed balanced changes. (Picture: Arc System Works)
Final batch of universal mechanic changes. (Picture: Arc System Works)

You can see the full-sized image by clicking right here

Since the patch covers a ton of in-depth tools for all characters, you can check out all changes for your preferred character by clicking on the link from the list down below:

For more on all things Guilty Gear Strive, check out our dedicated section.

Featured image courtesy of Arc System Works.