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How Long Will Hades 2 Be In Early Access?

Hades 2 is already shaping up to be another instant classic from Supergiant Games, but how long will it be in early access?
How Long Will Hades 2 Be In Early Access?
Supergiant Games

A successor to groundbreaking roguelike Hades, Hades 2 follows the story of Zagreus' younger sister Melinoë as she takes on the Titan of Time, Chronos. Building on the same mechanics as the original, Hades 2 offers fans a bigger, more intricate dungeon crawler, all while keeping the same charm that fans fell head-over-heels for.

But some players have been put off from jumping into Hades 2 owing to the fact that it launched in early access. It was a surprise drop from Supergiant Games, who released the game in early access in May 2024. And while the game is already in great shape, some players are understandably waiting until the full release before sinking their teeth into it.

When Does Hades 2 Leave Early Access?

New monsters, characters, abilities, and more have arrived in Hades 2. (Picture: Supergiant Games)

If you prefer to play games as a complete package, then waiting until the full release is the way to go. However, if you enjoy watching the development and seeing how a story evolves, then hopping into Hades 2 in its current state is well worth it. The game is already in great shape, and will be receiving various patches over time to build, improve and expand on content.

In an FAQ on the game's website, Supergiant Games said that Hades 2 "already has at least as much content in Early Access as the original did back when it launched in Early Access on Steam,"

The statement goes on to say that players can expect several Major Updates which will be "adding the rest of the game's core content and refining what's there based on player feedback. The story will expand with each update, as we introduce more characters and add events with existing ones." The first major patch was released on May 16, 2024.

This isn't the first time Supergiant Games have released a game in early access ahead of the full release. The original Hades also had an early access release in September 2019, before launching in full in December 2020.

It's worth nothing that for now, Hades 2 is only playable on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players hoping to enjoy the sequel on other platforms will need to wait until the full V1.0 launch.