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Best Hades Bow Build (Heart-Seeking): Upgrades, Aspect, Boons

Here's our pick for the best Heart Seeking bow build, including its Aspect, Boons, and Upgrades in Hades.
Best Hades Bow Build (Heart-Seeking): Upgrades, Aspect, Boons
Supergiant Games

Although the Heart Seeking bow deals less damage and is trickier to use than most weapons in Hades, the bow does offer some unique and powerful builds that make it worth getting. If you're curious to know more about the best Heart Seeking Bow build in Hades, then we have you covered. 

Below you can find the best Aspect, Boons, and Daedalus upgrades to use for the Heart Seeking Bow in Hades. We'll cover everything you need to know to get the best out of this complex weapon and have you take the heads of your enemies in no time. 

Update on 1st September 2023: We've updated this article to reflect the latest best build for the Heart Seeking Bow in Hades.

Best Hades Heart Seeking Bow Aspect: Aspect of Chiron 

To make your shots land each time and add extra damage to your attacks, we've chosen the Aspect of Chiron for this bow build. This makes the arrows you fire seek out and snag your enemies regardless of your aiming abilities and gives you the chance to follow it up with a Special to finish it off. 

Hades Best Heart Seeking Bow Build Aspect of Chiron
The Aspect of Chiron is ideal for this bow as it allows us to nail our shots every time. (Picture: Supergiant games)

We will then be using Boons and Daedelus upgrades that increase our arrow output to boost damage, as well as add elemental damage or other status effects that can cripple enemies. So let's take a look at the Boons we'll use next. 

Best Hades Heart Seeking Bow: Boons

For this build, the Boons we can use from Ares, the God of War will be extremely useful. They will provide us with the extra damage we need to make the bow a real threat in battle. 

We'll be using Curse of Pain, which allows our Special attack to inflict Doom upon hitting an enemy, and Impending Doom will give our Doom effect more damage, but decrease and increase its activation time by 0.5 seconds, so be aware of that. 

Lastly, the Dire Misfortune boon will grant our Doom effect more damage when we apply it more than once to an enemy, which couples perfectly with our Daedalus upgrades. 

Best Hades Heart Seeking Bow: Daedalus Upgrades

In regards to our upgrades, we'll focus on increasing our arrow output as well as the overall damage each arrow deals and allow our Doom effect to tear through enemies more efficiently. First up is the Relentless Volley, which adds an extra four arrows to our Special attack. 

Hades Best Heart Seeking Bow Build Daedalus Upgrades
Our Daedalus upgrades give us a massive spike in damage output and more arrows per shot fired. (Picture: YouTube / Jazz Andrews)

Then we move on to Concentrated Volley, which increases the power of our Special shot and deals tons of extra damage as it tears through more than one enemy. 

Best Hades Heart Seeking Bow Alternate Aspect: Aspect of Zagreus

This build focuses more on dealing heavy amounts of Crit damage, and due to its lower accuracy level, we put it below the Chiron Aspect, but it's worth considering if you want a more challenging Aspect to try. The Boons and Daedelus upgrades also focus on increasing Crit damage as well as boosting your overall damage output.

  • Flurry Shot: Hold Attack to shoot quickly, but you cannot power shot.
  • Twin Shot: Your assault fires two shots side by side, albeit with a shorter range.
  • Deadly Strike: Your Attack has a 15% chance of dealing Critical damage.
  • Heartbreak Flourish: Your Special inflicts Weakness and causes extra damage.
  • Heart Rend: Your Critical effects deliver more damage to Weak enemies.