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Halo Infinite's Revamped Stockpile Is Really Good

343's Workshop playlist refresh has brought a reworked Stockpile BTB mode, and it's actually really fun.
Halo Infinite's Revamped Stockpile Is Really Good
343 Industries

Halo Infinite is alive and well, flourishing now more than ever as a live service title. Recently, 343 has been testing out new modes with the community in its Workshop playlist. This week, the Halo developer brought a revamped version of Stockpile, one of the game's few 12v12 Big Team Battle modes available at launch. 

At launch, the mode was largely disliked due to the mode's more tedious objectives. Players must collect Power Seeds, which spawn in set locations, and deposit them in their base. Five deposited Power Seeds earn the team a point, and the first team to three points wins. While both teams are collecting Power Seeds, the opposing players can steal them from the other base to keep the other team from scoring. 

Highpower comes up a lot and is still a blast (Image: 343 Industries)

The newly revamped version of Stockpile changes these rules. Now, players must only deposit three Power Seeds to score a point, and the first team to five points wins. While it still works out to a total of 15 Power Seeds for the winning team, these rounds move much faster and require players to focus a bit more on the objective should they want to win.

The Power Seeds also now spawn in separate locations alone, creating a more frantic rush to each location to ensure that a couple of players on each team push to grab them to take them home. 

Ever since it was introduced, I've been hooked on the mode. The matches are more fast-paced and usually end based on points, unlike the original Stockpile mode, which often ends based on time. While I've been a fan of Stockpile since its debut, I recognize it's not everyone's favorite. But if you're considering giving it a try before Season 5 releases in a few weeks, I highly recommend it.