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Halo Infinite's Tenrai III Event Is The Best One Yet

Halo Infinite's third iteration of the Tenrai event is here with new rewards, new maps, and new modes.
Halo Infinite's Tenrai III Event Is The Best One Yet
343 Industries

Coming off of the success of Halo Infinite's Workshop revamped Stockpile playlist, I wasn't sure if there was anything that would get me dipping my toes into the game again until Season 5's upcoming release on October 17th. When the rumors that a third Tenrai event was coming up, I was hesitant, even relatively unphased by its inclusion in the game.

However, after it was announced, there were rumblings that there would be more than just a Ninja Slayer variant on the same maps that have been in the game since launch. Now that it's here, I can confidently say that the Tenrai III event in Halo Infinite is a great time and I highly recommend checking it out.

Halo Infinite: Tenrai III Event Breakdown

The basic premise here is simple enough: Hop into the Featured "Tenrai Social" playlist, complete the weekly challenges that are included in your weekly challenge log to earn tiers in the free battle pass, and have fun while you do it!

Tenrai III brings a free 10-tier Battle Pass

The biggest changes to the event this time come in the form of the Battle Pass's rewards and the playlist itself. This go-around, the Battle Pass has unique armor pieces for the Yoroi armor core, including a new helmet, chestplate, and pauldrons.

The playlist is by far the most exciting part of the event. This time, the playlist brings 8 new maps, many of which are inspired by classics like Lockout and The Pit, but with a Feudal Japan twist. On top of this, the modes contained within the playlist are all Ninja-inspired variants of classics. Ninja Slayer returns along with Ninja King Of The Hill, Ninja Flag (CTF), and Ninja Land Grab.

These modes and maps are fantastic additions to the game and I highly recommend logging in and slaying out. Go check out the new Tenrai III event in Halo Infinite and get ready for the release of Season 5 on October 17th.

Get into the action, Spartan!