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Halo Infinite trailer gives first look at grappling hook and open world Halo ring

The Xbox Games Showcase kicked things off with the game many were expecting to see and it did not disappoint.
We finally got our first extended look at Halo Infinite, the next instalment in the legendary first-person shooter franchise, debuting a whole new set of tools, including a grappling hook and a Halo Ring that players will be able to explore at will.

Microsoft opened its Xbox Games Showcase with a lengthy gameplay trailer that had Master Chief front and centre.



A map shows points of interest and locations that Master Chief can travel to within the facility, suggesting a much more expansive Halo world than we have seen before. The main appears The Banished, the enemies that were previously leaked by a toy company.


Halo Tactical map, Halo Infinite trailer open world
(Picture: 343 Studios)


Another cool new feature that caught the attention of fans is the brand-new grappling hook, adding a different dynamic to the way you can approach combat, looking to be more fluid and exhilarating than before.

With the nine-minute trailer focusing on the campaign, we’ve yet to see how the multiplayer component will look like.

For more on Halo Infinite, check out the official reveal of its amazing looking box art.