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Halo Infinite box art lands ahead of Xbox Games Showcase

Halo Infinite’s box art has dropped online, possibly confirming a grappling hook mechanic is on the way.
Halo Infinite box art lands ahead of Xbox Games Showcase

Already brimming with Halo Infinite anticipation? The box art might just tip you over the edge. 

Ahead of its debut at the Xbox Games Showcase on Thursday 23rd July, developer 343 Industries has revealed the box art for Halo Infinite. 

Is there much to say about it? The cover shows Master Chief front and centre, while some fans have already drawn comparisons to the original Halo box art - possibly indicating it could be a subtle nod to its roots. 

Halo Infinite box art
Halo Infinite is coming this year (Picture: Microsoft) 

Following leaks earlier this week, some have also zoomed in on Master Chief’s forearm - believing a device on his arm could be the rumoured new grappling hook mechanic. 

Halo Infinite could be a make-or-break title for Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox Series X. While it won’t be exclusive to the platform, releasing on Xbox One and PC too, it’s certainly the biggest title in their holiday line-up (that we know about at least) this year. 

It also comes after the mixed reception of 343’s previous Halo titles, with Halo 5: Guardians, released back in 2015, not exactly setting the world on fire. 

All will be revealed in Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase on Thursday 23rd July, which starts at 5pm BST. 

You can check out a horizontal version of the Halo Infinite box art below.

Halo Infinite box art
Can you spot any clues? (Picture: Microsoft)