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Halo Infinite weapon tier list - Every gun ranked from best to worst

Halo Infinite brings back classic guns with a twist and brand-new tools of destruction into the fray.
Halo Infinite weapon tier list - Every gun ranked from best to worst

The Halo Infinite multiplayer can now be enjoyed by players on console and PC, with 10 maps across multiple modes to sink their teeth in.

As it's always the case with the iconic franchise, both fan-favourite guns and new weapons come together to bring life to a sprawling array of tools to take down opposing Spartans.

As we dive deeper into the weapon meta, fans are wondering what exactly are the best guns in Halo Infinite's multiplayer, and after spending some time ourselves, we've put together this tier list to help you make the right decision.

This comes without saying, but it's worth pointing out nonetheless, tier lists are not an exact science, especially in a shooter that has a developing meta.

Halo Infinite weapon tier list

Without further ado, let's get started.

How it works

best cod mobile season 7 LMG light machine gun ranking tier list
A visual representation of how our rankings work. (Picture: Tiermaker)

These tier lists will be divided into four levels, which we will describe below:

  • S-Tier: The best guns in the game, simple to use, highly effective performing their roles.
  • A-Tier: Weapons that are remarkable and very good, useful for whatever situation you face, but miss the mark on S by just a little.
  • B-Tier: Good weapons who are lacking in certain key areas to make them top-tier
  • C-Tier: So-so weapons, there are probably better options for you out there.
  • D-Tier: Avoid at all costs if possible.


  • BR75 (Battle Rifle)
  • Needler
  • S7 Sniper
  • M41 Spnkr (Rocket Launcher)
  • Shock Rifle
  • Energy Sword

Some of the most iconic guns in the game remain at the top of it even after 20 years. The BR75 feels just as good as it has ever felt to shoot, with the three-shot burst impact immediate player feedback filling you with immense joy as soon as you hear it.

The old reliable "simple to use" powerful weapons, such as the one-shot headshot sniper and devastating rocket launcher will be familiar territory for Halo veterans as well.

The newcomer to this list is the Shock Rifle, which adds versatility to the snipers in the game by providing a bit of splash damage when you hit opposing enemies that are grouped up.


stalker rifle halo infinite
The Stalker Rifle is a fantastic new addition. (Picture: 343 Industries)
  • MA40 AR (Assault Rifle)
  • VK78 Commando
  • Mangler
  • Heatwave
  • Stalker Rifle
  • Skewer
  • Gravity Hammer

Yeah, you've seen that right. The MA40 Assault Rifle is not a meme weapon anymore, at midrange it is a decent option and can easily outplay a BR75 if you're precise enough.

Moving on to more interesting things, we highly recommend you try out the other guns in this tier. The Stalker Rifle is a DMR-like weapon, being able to three-tap opponents, the VK78 works similarly, though you trade damage for a faster fire rate.

Don't sleep on the Heatwave either, as its alternative vertical firing can two-shot opponents providing you hit the entire plasma beams. Even if you miss, they pack a lot of heat.


  • Pulse Carbine
  • Plasma Pistol
  • CQS48 Bulldog (Shotgun)
  • Cindershot

On paper, a lot of these could be devastating but they miss the mark in certain important aspects. Take the Cindershot for instance, it has a slow reload speed, doesn't one-shot targets, yet it's perfect for scenarios in which you see multiple opponents clustered together.

The Pulse Carbine feels like a discount Battle Rifle, as its shots are projectiles rather than hitscan. Meanwhile, the Shotgun has been reworked, sure, it's faster now but it comes with the heavy cost of just not feeling as impactful as it used to be.


halo infinite weapon tier list
Slick design, very situational use. (Picture: 343 Industries)
  • MK50 Sidekick (Pistol)
  • Disruptor
  • Sentinel Beam

Utility weapons to say the least. The Sidekick is perfect to finish off opponents with no shields if you need to reload with your primary gun, but a Magnum it is not. 

The Sentinel Beam rips shields but it has a very slow overall time to kill, so you can't completely rely on it, it's also very useless at long range so chances are you can get easily outplayed. 

As for the Disruptor, it's a very gimmicky pistol, it takes almost half a clip to take someone down, with damage over time compensating for its lack of firepower, however, it's not noticeable enough to warrant ever using it over the Sidekick. 


  • Ravager
  • Hydra

They are, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst and most useless guns in Halo Infinite. 

The Ravager can have some form of utility by denying space with its area of effect charge blast, but it has low time to kill, is slow to charge, and you need to manually vent it.

The Hydra may lock targets, which might come in handy against vehicles, but its damage is laughable at best and you'll most likely die before netting a kill.


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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.