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Nadeshot teases 100 Thieves entering Halo Esports

The 100 Thieves CEO wants to know if there are good Halo free agents to form a decent squad before jumping into the scene.
Nadeshot teases 100 Thieves entering Halo Esports

For all the flaws Halo Infinite has in its progression system and battle pass implementation, 343 Industries has nailed the most important aspect -- the gameplay.

On top of feeling like a smooth evolution of the Halo formula, Infinite's multiplayer beta launched with all the necessary tools to revitalise a dying esports scene, including a well-received initial loadout that features Battle Rifle starts, no radar, and no grenade hitmarkers to avoid pre-nade spamming.

As a result, the first Halo Championship Series open qualifier saw record viewing numbers as OpTic Gaming took down Cloud9 in an exhilarating five map series. 

With some of esports most recognisable organisations locked in with squads to compete in HCS, one of the biggest kids in town, 100 Thieves, has yet to jump in -- but not for lack of trying.

halo Infinite revitalized excitement on Halo esports.
halo Infinite revitalized excitement on Halo esports. (Picture: 343 Industries)

In a recent Twitch stream, CEO Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag revealed he's slightly interested in bringing his org to the Halo esports ecosystem. The problem? It's hard to find free agents at the moment.

"Chat, let's think of free agents in Halo, and if you guys can build a compelling roster, which I don't think there's many people available anymore, maybe I'll get us a Halo team," he said.

Orgs like Sentinels, FaZe Clan, Cloud9, Fnatic, eUnited, and G2 Esports have secured their rosters far in advance, leaving the pool relatively shallow for any newcomers to try and build an interesting core.

Of course, a team of unsigned and unsponsored players can start taking names during the open qualifiers, with Nadeshot surely taking notice of it, possibly offering them a lucrative contract to represent 100 Thieves.

halo infinite first open qualifiers brought 56k viewers.
Halo infinite's first open qualifiers brought 56k viewers. (Picture: 343 Industries)

If you're a 100T fan, it seems patience might be key, let the scene develop a little bit and scout the most promising looking up-and-comer talent that shines in the following months.


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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.