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New Halo Infinite campaign trailer reveals story and gameplay details

Microsoft and 343 Industries finally offers a glimpse at Halo Infinite’s long-awaited campaign.
New Halo Infinite campaign trailer reveals story and gameplay details

The next mainline entry in the acclaimed Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, launches this December. While 343 Industries has been extremely transparent about Halo Infinite's multiplayer side of things, news of the latest titles campaign (or lack thereof) had left fans of the FPS worried.

Thankfully, 343 Industries has finally offered a proper first look at Halo Infinite's campaign just weeks before its highly anticipated holiday launch. The six minutes long gameplay overview offers a look at the different biomes of the Zeta Halo, new vehicles, new enemies and a small glimpse at what is at stake for Master Chief this time around.

Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Reveals New Enemies, Vehicles, Weapons and Much More

Halo Infinite campaign video
Zeta Halo looks drop-dead gorgeous. (Picture: Microsoft)

Right from the get-go, it's evident that a year-long delay has worked wonders for Halo Infinite’s campaign. Last year’s reveal wasn’t well-received by fans, with many complaining about the game’s visual and overall polish. Fast forward to now, Halo Infinite's visuals look a lot crisper and cleaner.

Halo Infinite Gameplay graphics
It seems Chief can select vehicles from a friendly outpost. (Picture: Microsoft)

Halo Infinite has the biggest campaign ever in a Halo game, much of which is evident with the sprawling vistas of the Zeta Halo. The world is a playground of opportunities with plenty of optional Banished outposts that Chief can clear out.

Halo Infinite skimmers
Halo Infinite introduces new enemies called Skimmers. (Picture: Microsoft)

It's no surprise that 343 has taken Halo Infinite's campaign criticism from last year pretty well, with significant changes made to almost every aspect. Even the infamous Craig the Brute has received a much needed overall.

Halo Infinite
The dynamic between Chief, pilot, and the new AI could be an interesting one. (Picture: Microsoft)

Most importantly, the latest Halo Infinite campaign trailer sheds light on the game's story, which has been a matter of discussion in the community ever since Halo Infinite was revealed. As evident, Halo Infinite’s story picks up right after Halo 5 as Chief returns to find Cortana, his beloved AI companion. The latest trailer indicates that the answer to Cortana’s disappearance is to be found somewhere in the Zeta Halo. The trailer also sets up an interesting dynamic between Chief's new AI companion - The Weapon - and the pilot who rescues Chief in the first place, making this seem like the most personal Halo campaign yet.


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Featured image courtesy of Microsoft.