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Finalmouse face backlash after opting to sell "exclusive" Legendary Mouse

PC mice manufacturer has announced the price for "The Legendary Mouse", which was supposed to be available only as a reward for the best players of their game Aim Gods.
Finalmouse face backlash after opting to sell "exclusive" Legendary Mouse

Finalmouse, the gaming mouse company known for its luxury models and tongue in cheek Twitter account, is facing huge backlash following the price reveal for their latest model, the Legendary Mouse.

The reason for the backlash is their promise that the mouse won't be commercially available, which turned out not to be true.

Allegedly, the company said that this mouse will only be available for the best players of their FPS arena game called Aim Gods, which was released in December of last year.

finalmouse scam aim gods
The game was supposed to be a mix between WoW Arena and FPS games (Picture: Finalmouse)

They've envisioned their game as the next big thing in the world of competitive gaming and the idea was that the very best players would be rewarded with their products, starting with the Legendary Mouse in Season 1.

"Here's the little secret. Every drop this year is free. You won't have to pay for the mouse, for the shoe," reads in a now-deleted Tweet. "It's all about what rating you have. You guys have no idea how much we changed the game. Your rating is your currency."

finalmouse legendary mice aim gods tweet
The tweet stating that mouse will be free and only available for the best Aim Gods players (Picture: Vaere via Twitter)

Following the release of Aim Gods, Finalmouse even held a $250,000 invitational tournament in order to promote their game on Twitch.

The tournament saw some of the biggest names from the world of streaming competing, including Tfue, summit1g, bugha, Zayt, and others.

Aim Gods, where Roman soldiers are fighting with modern-day weapons like assault rifles, turned out to be a huge critical and commercial failure.

It was released in a buggy state and it is poorly designed in general, with awful visuals and basic shooting mechanics.

The game looks more like an asset flip shovelware title than a proper game, it quickly became a subject of mockery and if you watch the video below, you can see why.


Nonetheless, Finalmouse promised a competition which "will be remembered for a thousand years," calling it "the greatest competition in human history." 

It goes without saying that the game is now completely dead, less than a month since the release. And while many who tried the game did so via Twitch key drops for the game, there is a number of players who bought the game for $30, with the promise to grind for the exclusive Legendary Mouse and much more.

legendary mouse aim gods scam finalmouse
The mouse was supposed to be exclusive to Twitch drops and ranked Rewards (Picture: Finalmouse)

Supposedly, the first ranked season should have been the only way of getting their "legendary mouse" and that's the main reason why many are calling foul after today's announcement.

Their Discord server's FAQ section had the question "Will the mouse be sold?" and the answer was that it will only be obtainable through loot crates and the Aim Gods tournaments.

It is definitely a sketchy situation and at the very least false advertising and players, either those that bought the "game" or spent hours grinding it, are rightfully aggrieved.

Finalmouse has yet to comment.