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Razer Project Brooklyn: Release date, features, specifications, more

Razer showed off several insane hardware concepts at CES 2021 including Project Brooklyn a gaming chair that takes it to another level.
Razer Project Brooklyn: Release date, features, specifications, more

Hardware manufacturer Razer caused quite a stir at this year's CES, the annual trade show that brings the good and the great from consumer hardware and technology manufactures to showcase their latest wares.

But it was Razer who took the headlines with two product concepts that caught the imagination including the Razer's timely take on the face mask Project Hazel, replete with voice amplification, active ventilation, and of course, RGB lights.

Razer Project Brooklyn gaming chair release dateThe World's Smartest Mask ironically became a viral sensation. (Picture: Razer)

The other innovation was Razer's new concept gaming chair. Dubbed "Project Brooklyn" this chair promised "next-generation immersion", and featuring a deployable 60" Full Surround OLED display that quite literally rolls out in front of your eyes, it's safe to say this gaming chair is a step up from anything on the market today.

Both of these products are, as previously mentioned, concept designs meaning consumers may never get their hands on them but what is certain is the appetite for both products with Razer at least confirming that they are seriously considering moving forward with the face mask.

But what about that gaming chair? In the interest of nerdiness, we are tasking ourselves with breaking down the factors that could make such a product possible and explore what could be a release date, price, while also looking at the "confirmed" features.


Razer Project Brooklyn: The features

This is the easy part of this, as while it is not clear that Razer has built even a prototype chair they have detailed the key features of the design.

From Chair to Fully Immersive Gaming Station

Razer gaming chair
(Picture: Razer)

Designed for all types of gamers, the chair transforms from a regular gaming chair into a full-fledged entertainment rig that delivers breathtaking, next-gen immersion for both PC and console gaming.

Deployable 60” Rollout Full Surround OLED display

Razer Gaming Chair Oled screen
(Picture: Razer)

At the touch of a button – Project Brooklyn deploys an expansive 60” rollout OLED display stowed in its back— plunging you into the action as you savour a truly panoramic experience with stunning visuals and crisp detail.

Modular 4D Armrests

The chair comes with a compact, collapsible table tucked into its 4D armrests, allowing you to switch easily between PC gaming with a mouse and keyboard and console gaming.

Razer Hypersense Technology

Razer Hypersense Technology
(Picture: Razer)

Feel every in-game moment with high-fidelity haptic modules built around the chair’s framework that transmit the most sensitive tactile feedback with near-zero latency for truly immersive gameplay.

Razer's Hypersense Technology has already been seen in their Razer Nari Ultimate wireless headset.

Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat

Equipped with plush, high-density foam cushions that support your unique body shape, the leather stitched seat backed by a robust carbon-fibre body ensures perfect posture throughout gaming marathons.

Powered by Razer Chroma RGB

Razer Gaming Chair
(Picture: Razer)

Personalize it with 16.8 million colours and a suite of effects to choose from, and sync your setup to experience dynamic lighting effects that trigger as you game on over 150 integrated game titles.


When will Razer's Project Brooklyn chair come out?

Putting any sort of release date on this is a guessing game but what we can say is that all these technologies actually exist but in the space of mass-market products possible doesn't = probable.

The real stumbling blocks for getting this out would be the price of the 60" OLED display and the mechanical arm that ascends from the chair and holds the screen.

It is likely if Project Brooklyn became a reality a much more likely product would be a modular design where the consumer could buy a screen separately and fit it to the chair, with the arm that holds it not moving in and out of the chair like seen in the concept.

Release date: 2022/23

How much is it likely to cost?

If this chair came out today it would cost in the region of $10,000.

A 60" paper-thin OLED will set you back well over $3000 alone.

Razer already has a gaming chair -- the Razer Iskur --- that costs $499. But that chair isn't carbon fire, doesn't have the Haptic feedback technology, the 4D modular desk space, and is wrapped in multi-layered synthetic leather, not the carbon-fibre leather-wrapped seat that Project Brooklyn boasts.

Razer Brooklyn gaming chair
(Picture: Razer)

A potential modular version of Project Brooklyn sans the OLED display with an early 2023 release date could retail for $1000.