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Leaked image of white Xbox Series X controller suggests different colours will be available

Microsoft took over a year to make a white version of the Xbox One open to the public, will the Series X suffer the same fate?
Leaked image of white Xbox Series X controller suggests different colours will be available

As we're getting closer to the next-gen console release dates windows, with no official date set in stone for neither the PlayStation5 or the Xbox Series X, some details have started leaking through the cracks.

Reddit user Wolfy_Wizzardo uploaded a picture of a white Xbox Series X controller, hinting at the possibility of a special edition version of Microsoft's latest console.

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(Picture: /u/Wolfy_Wizardo)

The controller features all the new implementations players will get to experience once the Xbox Series X drops, including a brand-new D-pad resembling that of the Xbox Elite Controller as well as a unique share button in the middle of the gamepad.

In a comment made to The Verge, the Reddit user claimed the console itself seemed more “looked more squarish and the Xbox button looked bigger on it,” meaning the cheaper rumoured Xbox Series S could be real.

For its previous generation of hardware, Microsoft produced limited-edition white consoles during the launch in 2013, however, they were reserved for employees only. A white version of the Xbox One was eventually released for the public in 2014. The company has yet to issue a statement regarding the validity of the leaked controller. 

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