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Modder Jailbreaks PS5 Console With Latest Firmware Exploit

A modder revealed footage of a PS5 jailbreak by installing the delisted P.T. demo, which can reportedly work using a specific firmware update.
Modder Jailbreaks PS5 Console With Latest Firmware Exploit

A modder has reportedly gained limited access to the PlayStation 5’s Debug Menu by jailbreaking the console using a new exploit. While the actions of jailbreaking allowed the modder to briefly install games unavailable for the console or the system itself, it can result in owners receiving bans from utilizing the PlayStation Network.

The news broke out overnight as it adds to the growing concerns for its parent company, Sony Interactive Entertainment, over the hardware security measures. In addition, Sony is facing mounting criticisms over its PlayStation Stars loyalty program following claims that higher-ranked members will be “prioritized” when it relates to customer support.

Latest PS5 Jailbreak Achieved On Older Firmware Update According To Modder

playstation 5 exploit jailbreak delisted game p.t. install ps5 consol
The modder used the exploit to install Hideo Kojima's delisted game, P.T., onto the PS5 console. (Picture: Twitter / manfightdragon)

This latest firmware exploit, considered potentially dangerous and illegal to execute, was claimed to be “legitimate and authentic,” according to a source at Sony Interactive Entertainment. The news, which Tom Henderson first reported, revealed footage of the jailbreak in action by modder Lance McDonald who posted it to Twitter.

The jailbreak, which is extremely rare to execute, is reported to have worked on PlayStation 5 consoles that have updated the firmware to version 4.03, launched in October 2021. While Sony had since launched several firmware updates following the update as mentioned earlier, most notably version 4.50 in December 2021, McDonald believed that the jailbreak could only work on earlier firmware updates.

According to another modder, SpectorDev, who first recorded their “implementation” of the latest exploit, they stated that are several notable limitations they encountered during the jailbreak. Most significantly, it remains unstable as it could “work about 30% of the time,” which may require several tries, and once successful, it will grant them “read/write access” without any execution.

Based on McDonald’s footage of the jailbreak, he could access the console’s Debug Menu, which allowed him to install a game backup. He used Hideo Kojima’s delisted psychological horror game, P.T. demo, as an example by installing it on the console.

Nevertheless, while people may be able to achieve this, at this point, they have limited actions on what they can do with the latest exploit. Even as McDonald had installed the P.T. demo to the PS5 console, he won’t be able to run the game as such.

playstation 5 exploit jailbreak firmware update damaging ps5 console
Jailbreaking can cause damaging results for PS5 owners, including losing access to the console's gaming and online capabilities. (Picture: Clint Patterson via Unsplash)

Considering that the exploit requires a specific firmware update for the jailbreak, other modders, and hackers who can exploit current firmware updates could lead to damaging results for PS5 owners. Not only is this considered illegal in many ways, but it could amount to fines or serving jail time, as it can severely expose your data.

As we have not provided the methods in which persons can perform this exploit on their PS5 consoles, we advise not to proceed with the jailbreak as it could prevent them from not having access to various features. These include online multiplayer capabilities, access to voice party chats, and getting banned from using the PlayStation Network.

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Featured image courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.