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PS5 will have limited launch in 2020 due to steep price, insiders claim

While Sony’s PlayStation 5 is believed to be on course for a 2020 release, a new report claims the console could have a limited number of units at launch.
PS5 will have limited launch in 2020 due to steep price, insiders claim

After Sony previously stated plans to launch PlayStation 5 in 2020 are still on course, it seems the company could be planning a more limited run of the console this year. 

According to Bloomberg, Sony is planning to make 5-6 million units of the PS5 available from launch until the end of the fiscal year ending March 2021. For context, the PS4 sold 7.5 million units within the same window if it launches in November. 

It’s believed this limited run is due to the PS5’s “ambitious specs” possibly weighing heavy on the demand due to a steep price point, with the report claiming it’ll cost between $499 to $549 (£400 to £440, although this likely will be higher through conversion rates). 

The coronavirus pandemic apparently hasn’t had an effect on the production capacity but more their promotional plans for the console - so these limited run plans are simply Sony predicting less demand due to the high price point. 

PlayStation 5 controller
The PS5 controller DualSense (Picture: Sony) 

It’s claimed Sony’s strategy will be to cut the price of the PS4 and PS4 Pro once the PS5 launches, in order to encourage more people to invest in their ecosystem as a bridge to the new console. 

It all sounds very believable, despite Sony refusing to comment on the article.

It’s likely Sony’s decisions around the PS5 launch could be dictated by Microsoft too, in order to offer a competitive price and ensure they aren’t given a significant advantage if they release early. 

While it’s still certainly possible the PS5 could be delayed until 2021, this at least seems like a believable alternative if they did release this year. 

Earlier this month, Sony released the first look at the PS5 controller titled DualSense - although we've yet to see the console itself.