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Razor Gaming Finger Sleeve: Release date, price, features, more

Razor does it again with another piece of hardware that grabs the headlines, this time with the Razor Gaming Finger Sleeves designed to aid you when mobile gaming.
Razor Gaming Finger Sleeve: Release date, price, features, more

Finger sleeves are nothing new in the world of mobile gaming, designed to help increase touch sensitivity and stop the build-up of dirt and sweat that would have you reaching for a screen wipe otherwise, however they have hardly ever caught the attention of the masses.

That is until hardware manufacturer Razer got involved. Known for taking niche products to their design end-game, Razer has turned its attention once again to mobile gaming, revealing the aptly named Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve.

Employing Razer's signature neon green and black colour scheme, these finger sleeves definitely stand out from the pack and you know that practically they will be some of the best on the market.

Razer Finger Sleeve Gaming
These finger sleeves are just the latest offering in Razer's mobile gaming products. (Picture: Razer)

So if you are in that market, then you have come to the right place, as we break down everything you need to know about Razer's Gaming Finger Sleeve.

Razer's Gaming Finger Sleeve - release date/price

If you are keen to get your hands (and fingers) onto these finger sleeves then you are in luck as unlike Razer's as-of-yet unreleased mask these are already out and available to purchase from the Razor store.

Razer finger sleeves release date
For under $10 (excluding shipping) you can get your fingers into some Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves. (Picture: Razer)

They are also one of the cheapest Razer products you can buy coming in at $9.99 in the US store.


Designed to keep your mobile gaming better and for longer, these finger sleeves promise to keep your "fingers deadly cool in the heat of the battle" so that you "always have a grip on the game".

The material is a highly conductive silver fibre that helps enhance touch sensitivity while reducing friction. They are also surprisingly lightweight and breathable. They can't stop you sweating but they are absorbent and even better can be hand-washed to keep them fresh.

Razer Gaming Sleeve features
The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve can be washed, keeping them from getting grubby after some serious game time. (Picture: Razer)

They are also one-size-fits-all and promise to work for most mobile gaming devices.

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