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After Nintendo, now Xbox faces accusations over drifting controllers

Plaintiff Donald McFadden claims that drifting issues have been experienced "by a large volume of Xbox owners across various controller models."
After Nintendo, now Xbox faces accusations over drifting controllers

Last year became obvious to a broader audience that Switch has one dark secret - its drifting Joy-Con controllers. The problem became so wildly spread that a class action lawsuit has been filed over this issue, which then led to Nintendo no longer charge for Joy-Con repairs, but the case is still set to go to arbitration.

And now, another console giant faces the same accusation and a lawsuit. As reported by VGC, plaintiff Donald McFadden claims to have purchased an Xbox Elite controller and that after a short time he noticed the joystick on it had started to drift. Soon he decided to purchase a second Elite controller, only to experience the exact same problem “three or four months” later. Xbox Elite controller is not a cheap thing, and with the price of around 0 is definitely not something you want to have this kind of problems with.


Because of that, he filed a lawsuit two days ago (28 April) in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington. As with the Nintendo Switch Joy-con situation, the base premise is exactly the same: McFadden claims that there is a known and well-documented problem with the controllers, but the consumers are forced to pay the repair of it after their 90-day warranty expires.

McFadden says that the issue is a design flaw which he even tried to fix on his own. He claims that Microsoft is fully aware of the drifting issue, but is still charging repairs to customers who came to them with this problem.

The lawsuit (seen and reported by VGC) says that his case is just one in the see of many and that â€œa large volume of consumers have been complaining about stick drift on Xbox One controllers since at least 2014.”

He concludes that this can easily be observed just by googling the issue or searching a solution for the problem on Youtube.

Do you have a problem with your Xbox controller? Share it with us in comments!

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