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Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy board secret interaction has finally been discovered

One Hearthstone player was finally able to unlock the secret interaction on the board of Hearthstone's fifteenth expansion.
Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy board secret interaction has finally been discovered

It has been six months since the release of Hearthstone’s expansion Scholomance Academy and we can finally see the secret animation hidden behind the board’s clickable interactive elements.

Hearthstone’s diverse set of game boards thematically corresponds with the theme of the expansion it came with, and players always love to find out about everything they can click and destroy around the battleground.

Scholomance Academy board secret interaction
Scholomance Academy board (Picture: Blizzard)

Over the last several years, new boards have become progressively more complex and packed with interesting interactive elements, and some of them were hiding unique secret interactions that were discovered weeks after the release of the expansion, but it has never been as long as it was with the Scholomance Academy board.

But now, thanks to Reddit user u/berkay496, we are finally able to watch the secret animation of this board.

Although, Berkay didn't find the interaction while playing the game, but by checking the game's assets and codes.

How to activate Scholomance Academy board secret interaction

Scholomance Academy board secret interaction
You will need to interact with the stairs in a specific way to trigger the secret (Picture: Blizzard)

As with all other secret board interactions in Hearthstone, you will need to do a few clicks in a specific sequence in order to activate the secret and trigger the animation.

The secret interaction is hidden in the lower-left corner of the table, within the stairs heading to the basement. 

To activate the secret animation, do as follows:

  • Click on the window just left from the stairs

  • The window should start to glow

  • Click two times on the second step

  • Click once on the first step

  • Click once on the third step

  • And that’s it! The animation should now start!

If you are not sure yet how to do it, here’s a video where you can see everything you need to do, as well as the secret animation.

Hearthstone’s developers are known for hiding some interesting and unique interactions within each new game board that comes with new expansions.

The first few tables have had some basic interactions, for players to do something while thinking and waiting for opponents to finish their turns, but as the game got older, developers started being more creative with the new boards.

The Volcano Secret from Journey to Un'Goro is still probably one of the best, along with the Saviors of Uldum musical secret and Rastakhan's Rumble secret fireworks.