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How To Unlock Death Knight Class In Hearthstone

Here is everything you need to do to start playing as the Death Knight class in Hearthstone.
How To Unlock Death Knight Class In Hearthstone

Hearthstone's newest expansion, March of the Lich King, is finally here! Alongside the brand-new cards comes the addition of the new Death Knight Hero class. However, after logging into the game, you might be surprised to find the new class is unavailable. Yes, there are several things players will need to do in order to start playing as the Death Knight class.

So, if you are ready to sell your soul to the Lich King, here is everything you need to do in order to unlock the Death Knight Hero class in Hearthstone!

How To Unlock The Death Knight Hero Class In Hearthstone

Death Knight
Death Knight is the second ever Hero class to be added to Hearthstone. (Picture: Blizzard)

To start playing as a Death Knight, players will first have to complete the Death Knight prologue. This is a short set of four battles that detail the fall of Prince Arthas, and his terrifying rise to becoming the Lich King. After logging into the game, head to the "Modes" menu and then select "Solo Adventures." From here, you should see a tab marked "March of the Lich King." Simply head inside and complete the four matches to unlock Death Knight!

These four battles are against Mal'Ganis, Uther, Sylvanas, and Illidan. Each fight is not that difficult and can be beaten on your first try. You will also receive some rewards for completing the tutorial, so it is in your best interest to do so as soon as possible!

It should be noted that completing this prologue does not unlock the Path of Arthas mini-set. If you have purchased or pre-purchased the mini-set, completing the prologue will allow you to start using the Path of Arthas cards. However, if you have not purchased anything, you will need to either acquire these cards via packs or by purchasing the full mini-set in the shop.

Is The Death Knight Hero Class Good In Hearthstone?

Death Knight
Death Knights have three primary Runes - Blood, Frost, and Unholy. (Picture: Blizzard)

The March of the Lich King meta is still in its infancy, but needless to say that all three Death Knight decks are incredibly powerful. Blood, Frost, and Unholy all occupy a different archetype and will attract different styles of play, including control, combo, and aggro. Things could change as the meta settles into a steady rhythm, but it is safe to say that Death Knight will be around for a long time. 

Talks are already in motion about nerfing some of the more powerful Death Knight cards, so we will have to see how things pan out if Death Knight gets its legs broken. Still, until that day comes, it is highly recommended to pick up the Path of Arthas mini-set as soon as you can in order to start dominating as a Death Knight!