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All Hogwarts Legacy Accessibility Options

Ahead of its release, we’ve detailed all accessibility options for Hogwarts Legacy to enhance audio, visual, cognitive, and motor settings in-game.
All Hogwarts Legacy Accessibility Options

Hogwarts Legacy will boast an open-world environment, action combat mechanics, and a customization feature to immerse players in the beautiful world at Hogwarts. The game will also include a host of diverse accessibility options, which can enhance your gameplay experience whether playing on console or PC.

Recently, the game's publisher detailed a list of all accessibility features available with the game at launch, and it's likely more features will be added post-launch. Let's look at all available accessibility options and what they do in Hogwarts Legacy.

All Accessibility Options Available In Hogwarts Legacy

Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment recently detailed all the available accessibility options included in their upcoming release, Hogwarts Legacy. This extensive list was uploaded to their dedicated Support page in which we've provided the complete breakdown below:

Hogwarts Legacy Auditory Accessibility Options:
  • Audio Visualizer: Key sound effects can be toggled by accessing the wheel during gameplay to adjust settings for hard-of-hearing players, with its icons adjusted to increase or decrease size and transparency
  • Separate Volume Controls: Players can adjust in-game volume controls, including dialogue, music, and sound effects in the text-to-speech settings.
  • Spatial Audio: Game setups utilizing Spatial Audio will be supported
  • Subtitles: This feature will be enabled by default as various indicators are connected to character dialogue with subtitle size can be adjusted.
hogwarts legacy accessibility guide audio options
You can increase or decrease various gameplay audio settings, including dialogue, music, and sound effects to your preference. (Picture: Avalanche Software / WB Interactive Entertainment)
Hogwarts Legacy Cognitive Accessibility Options:
  • Difficulty Options: You can select four varying difficulty options that will impact gameplay, combat, and puzzles which can be changed at any time during the gameplay. Story difficulty will see you having to utilize spell learning minigames that task exact movement, which you won't be able to fail, and puzzles are not time sensitive.
  • Objective Reminders and Guidance: Game quests are arranged by their sub-categories, and a guidance feature will assist you with the gameplay and lore aspects of the game. The in-game minimap is displayed with a trail leading to the next quest visible when walking.
  • Tutorials: Options on or off; you can toggle to have tutorials remain in-game. However, it will stay on during the First Time User Experience.
Hogwarts Legacy Motor Accessibility Options:
  • Aim Mode: Players can adjust aiming options for hold and toggle
  • Follow Camera Speed: Camera speed at which it moves to position itself in front of its character can be adjusted
  • Invert Axis: You can change the camera's inverted axis, and flight controls for broom fighting can also be toggled
  • Motion Sensor Function (PS5 Exclusive): When on a broom or mount, you can toggle the gyro feature supported by DualShock5 controllers to control flying
  • Sensitivity: Aiming, camera, and cursor sensitivity can be adjusted individually alongside accelerations for aiming and camera and camera deadzone.
  • Sticks Swap: You can swap the analog sticks' functions with the left defaulted for movement and the right for camera controlling features when aiming.
hogwarts legacy accessibility guide visual options
You can adjust the game's visual options, including display settings and high-contrast gameplay, via the Accessibility Options. (Picture: Avalanche Software / WB Interactive Entertainment)
Hogwarts Legacy Visual Accessibility Options:
  • Camera Shake: All witches and wizards can set the intensity of the game's camera shake between 05 to 100%, depending on their preferences
  • Colorblind Modes: Three colorblind modes, Deuteranopia (Red-Green), Protanopia (Red-Green), or Tritanopia (Yellow-Blue), will change your UI and most HUD components tailored to those with the above-mentioned colorblindness types
  • Display Settings: Options on or off for various display settings, including chromatic aberration, depth of field, film grain, and motion blur. Brightness can be adjusted at any given time.
  • High Contrast Gameplay: Adjust gameplay surroundings to greyscale while various vital elements like allies and enemies will be highlighted using contrasting colors
  • High Contrast Text: Options on or off; this can be toggled to set the text background to black or white, making reading text like subtitles easier
  • Screen Magnifier Compatibility: Options on or off; PlayStation and Xbox players can toggle this if they wish to use the Magnifier option in-game
  • Text-to-Speech: In-game narration for game menu options will be supported in most languages; however, the list of supported languages has yet to be announced. Players are to be guided using text-to-speech in the early stages of the game for complete immersion into the gameplay which dialogue volume can be adjusted.
  • Text Scaling: Options on or off; you can change the text scale to make in-game text larger or smaller and clearer to read.
Hogwarts Legacy General Accessibility Options:
  • Autosaving and Manual Saves: You can create manual save files; however, gameplay will be saved automatically.
  • Settings Tooltips: This setting will help guide the player using tooltips on how each setting affects gameplay, combat, and puzzle solving.

Should players experience any accessibility-related issues can visit the WB Games Support team on Twitter or via email at [email protected]. You can visit the dedicated Support page for more related articles or submit a support request form.