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How To Beat Ranrok In Hogwarts Legacy - Final Boss Guide

Are you struggling to defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy? Here's how to beat the final boss, Ranrok Dragon, with ease.
How To Beat Ranrok In Hogwarts Legacy - Final Boss Guide

Are you ready to beat the final boss, Ranrok, in Hogwarts Legacy? You better be! After completing all the main story quests and challenges, you'll need to face him in an epic battle. But, despite knowing several powerful spells and spell combos, Ranrok can prove difficult to take down, especially when he transforms into the giant Ranrok Dragon. Fear not, young wizard!

This guide will detail how to beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy, once and for all. Still, the battle with this final boss is no walk in the Forbidden Forest, comprising three phases, each with its own set of challenges and mechanics. But don't worry; we'll walk you through every step of the way to beat this formidable foe. So grab your wand and get ready.

REMINDER - Hogwarts Legacy was due to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, but now won't release until 5 May 2023.

How To Beat Ranrok Dragon In Hogwarts Legacy Easily

Ranrok can be described as the "Lord Voldemort" of Hogwarts Legacy. He is the main antagonist and poses a great threat to the wizarding world, staging a rebellion against wizardkind. To put his power into perspective, Ranrok will transform into a giant dragon during the final battle, making him a fearsome opponent for even the most skilled witches and wizards. But we've got a nifty strategy to beat Ranrok Dragon with ease. That said, you'll still want to stock up on potions to help you, including Wiggenweld for healing and Edurus and Maxima potions for extra damage or defense.

Phase 1 Strategy

During the first phase of the battle with Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy, players must focus on evading the dragon's attacks by dodge rolling. Therefore, upgrading the dodge roll with the "Swift" level 5 Core Talent is highly recommended. Additionally, players must shoot the colored orb shields that appear during this phase with spells of the same color. For instance, use Depulso against purple orbs, Arresto Momentum against yellow orbs, Confringo against red orbs, and so on. This is crucial for taking down the dragon's shield and dealing damage to him.

how to beat final boss ranrok dragon hogwarts legacy
Hit the orbs that appear with spells of a matching color. (Picture: YouTube / Boznean)

Phase 2 Strategy

Phase 2 of the battle with Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy is a step up in difficulty compared to the first phase. This time, players must shoot two colored orbs that appear quickly with the same spell color described previously. In addition, players must retreat when they see Ranrok Dragon about to perform an explosive attack because getting caught in it will kill them instantly. While players can attempt to block spells with Protego, it's better to rely on dodging to evade the hits altogether. Otherwise, players can use Edurus to become invulnerable to Ranrok Dragon's attacks.

Phase 3 Strategy

Phase 3 of the battle with Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy is the final and most challenging phase of the encounter. Players must again shoot the colored orbs; only this time, there will be three orbs appearing, which they must attack in quick succession. In this phase, players must continue to dodge roll the Ranrok Dragon's attacks to stay alive while also trying to land hits with damage spells. This can be especially challenging as the dragon's attacks become more frequent and harder to dodge. A nifty trick is configuring the spell inventory by color to make it easier to destroy the colored orbs when they appear.

hogwarts legacy ranrok dragon guide
Be prepared to dodge roll all of Ranrok Dragon's attacks if you'd like to stay alive. (Picture: YouTube / Boznean)

Along the outskirts of the battleground, players can find Wiggenweld potions, which they can pick up and use if their HP drops too low. These potions can be a lifesaver and help you stay in the fight longer, so keep an eye out for them. Halfway through Phase 3, Ranrok Dragon will attack more aggressively as his HP diminishes. This will require players to dodge roll more frequently and avoid taking damage as much as possible while attempting to land attacks when it's safe. Once Ranrok Dragon's HP drops close to zero, players will have to hit three more orbs, finally slaying the beast.

And that's how to beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy. Remember to keep your cool and stay focused, as the battle will intensify with each phase. But with a little bit of luck and skill, you'll be able to emerge victorious and beat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy. So, keep your HP up with Wiggenweld potions, dodge roll all the attacks, and strike when the opportunity arises. If you want to see a visual demonstration, check out YouTuber Boznean's video embedded above.

How To Beat Ranrok In Hogwarts Legacy - Final Boss Guide FAQ

What potions should I use to help defeat Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy?

Use Wiggenweld potions for healing and Edurus and Maxima potions for extra damage or defense.

What is the best strategy for Phase 1 in the battle with Ranrok Dragon?

Upgrade dodge roll with "Swift" Core Talent and shoot colored orb shields with matching spells to break the shield and deal damage.

How many phases are there in the battle with Ranrok Dragon in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are three phases in the battle with Ranrok Dragon.